Kel Mitchell On Why Drake Bell Slammed ‘All That’ Reboot — ‘He Was Wrong’

Kel Mitchell talked EXCLUSIVELY to HL about a series of things at the new Good Burger pop up restaurant in West Hollywood, CA, including fellow Nickelodeon star Drake Bell's negative comments about the 'All That' reboot, and he admitted he doesn't agree with his opinion.

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Kel Mitchell, Drake Bell
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Kel Mitchell, 40, is going back to his Good Burger sketch roots with the new Good Burger pop up restaurant, and during the opening of the location in West Hollywood, CA, he talked about the famous old school All That segment along with his thoughts on fellow Nickelodeon actor Drake Bell‘s recent diss about the show’s reboot. 33-year-old Drake recently made headlines for responding to pics and videos of the new cast of the reboot, which debuted on June 15, and making harsh mocking comments. “This is LITERALLY THE WORST THING I’VE SEEN IN a loooong time!!!” he wrote on Instagram over a photo of the new cast members, whose ages range from 12-15. He also compared them with a pic of the original cast, including Kel, and wrote “Not EVEN CLOSE.”

Although the judgments from Drake, who starred on the All That spinoff, The Amanda Show, made some fans upset, Kel admitted he’s not letting it bother him because he doesn’t agree. “I don’t care. I don’t know. You know what? He’s not really a good fan of All That, you know what I mean?” Kel EXCLUSIVELY told us at the pop up restaurant. “And so, hey, show’s awesome. The ratings prove it that we’re awesome, so he was wrong. You’re wrong Drake Bell.”

Kel has a point. The reboot got a lot of attention when it aired on Nickelodeon and included support and cameo appearances by many of the original cast members, including Lori Beth Denberg, who was known for her popular skit Vital Information, Josh Server, who acted alongside Kel as “Ear Boy” opposite his “Pizza Face”, and of course, Kel himself, who was known for various memorable skits, including Good Burger and Coach Kreeton. The new cast members EXCLUSIVELY told us last month that although it’s reboot with new people, it still follows the premise of the original.

“I feel that the new reboot still stays true to the original, but it’s more modernized with new kids and it still brings back some of the old sketches and the original cast,” new cast member Lex Lumpkin said. “It’s the same old All That with a brand-new cast,” co-star Nathan Janak agreed. “It’s classic sketches, the same type of comedy, with an all-new cast and maybe some even old cast members, too.”

The Good Burger pop up restaurant, which is inspired by the All That sketch, opened on July 10 in Los Angeles, CA and will remain open until the end of 2019.