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‘Kate Plus Date’: Kate Gosselin Becomes ‘Worried’ When Joey Takes Her To A Speakeasy

In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the season finale of 'Kate Plus Date', Joey takes Kate to an authentic speakeasy in the East Village of NYC. And it nearly makes her 'knees buckle'.

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In the season finale of Kate Plus Date, airing Monday July 15, Kate Gosselin goes on a second date with Joey. You know, the guy who introduced Kate to his mom during their very first date. Anyway, for their second meet-up, Joey has decided to take Kate to an authentic speakeasy in the East Village of NYC. And in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek, which HollywoodLife obtained from TLC, you can see Joey leading Kate in through the “back door”. She seems nervous, but his choice of venue is explained when he says, “The first thing that came to mind about living in the East Village, lower east side area, was what about this area is very unique and possibly iconic. And the first thing that came to mind was a speakeasy.”

Kate reveals that she’d never go to this place alone, but because she’s with a tall man, she’s okay with it. She says, “I’ve spent a lot of time in New York City. But when you have this gate at street level, and then you have to like clamber down these creep cement stairs, I just remember thinking, a) I’m glad it’s daylight, and b) I’m glad there’s like a tall guy here because my knees probably would have buckled, and I would have fallen, if it was dark and I was alone.”

Once inside, Kate is greeted by a piece of art with a nude woman. Then, she notices a beat up table and Joey says that he witnessed a lot of the incidents that caused the damage. She seems shocked, and it actually reminds her of the fact that Joey loves going to bars pretty often — and it’s not something that she’s too fond of. Watch the full clip above!

Also, watch the season finale of Kate Plus Date on Monday, July 15, at 10pm on TLC!