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Ariel Winter Hoping ‘Modern Family’ Producers Let Her Keep Her Red Hair For Final Season

Ariel Winter is gearing up to start filming the 11th and final season of 'Modern Family' and since her character had dark hair in the last season, she's hoping producers will let her new red locks be a part of the series.

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Ariel Winter
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Ariel Winter, 21, is ready to give it her all in the final season of Modern Family, which begins filming soon, and since she’s made a drastic change in her hair color during the break in between seasons, she’s hoping she won’t have to reverse it! The actress opted to color her hair a bright red in May, and now that season 11 is set to go, she’s hoping producers will let her character Alex, who normally has Ariel’s previous black hair, switch to the flattering red too.

“Ariel loves her hair color so much right now. She wasn’t sure how she’d feel, if she’d want to keep it or if it would be a quick phase, but she really loves it, she wants to keep it,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “The only thing is she starts shooting Modern Family again soon so the assumption is that she’ll dye her hair back to Alex’s color then but she really doesn’t want to. It took a whole day in the salon to get her hair the perfect red, she really doesn’t want to put her hair through that again so she might wear a really good wig. Or the best would be if producers would agree to let (her character) Alex have a hair makeover but Ariel isn’t counting on that.”

Since many wigs are made from actual human hair these days, it would make sense to have Ariel wear one for her character if producers opt to stick with the black, but there’s still hope that the red could appear by season’s end. We guess we’ll have to wait and see to find out!

Either way, though, since this season is the final one, it’s sure to be memorable for Ariel, who has been with the show since its inception in 2009, and the other cast members, including Sarah Hyland, 28. A previous source EXCLUSIVELY told us that it will be hard for Ariel and Sarah to say goodbye to what feels like a real family to them. “It will be a lot realer once they get to their final scenes but both Sarah and Ariel are excited, happy, scared, sad and everywhere in between with the announcement that Modern Family is ending,” the source said. “This has been something for them that has been most of their lives and that is definitely something they will never forget.”