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Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Mathers, 23, Reveals Rock Hard Abs In Crop Top After Sharing Grueling Workouts

Eminem's daughter Hailie Scott Mathers is showing off her incredible abs while at the same time letting fans in on the exact workouts that make her so ripped.

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Hailie Scott Mathers has a body to die for, but she didn’t get it by accident. It comes from hard work in the gym to achieve her rock hard abs and cellulite free figure. Eminem’s 23-year-old daughter shared a mirror selfie on July 13 wearing a black and white pattered athleisure crop top and matching leggings. It showed off her incredibly toned torso with super cut obliques. She captioned the pic, “90% hard work, 10% lighting 🤷🏼‍♀️” and she isn’t kidding. Thanks to her Instagram stories, she’s showing fans how they can achieve abs so cut, but it takes a lot of commitment to time in the gym.

In her IG videos, she showed off the exercises she does to maintain those tight abs. In one core-busting routine, she’s seated on the ground and lifts her legs into the air while lifting 10 pound weights over her head in fast repetition. She calls it a “V-sithold with dumbbells overhead press.” In another workout she does crossover sit-ups where she reaches one elbow up to the opposing knee to help work oblique muscles, which Hailie calls a “crossover cable knee crunch.”

Then it was on to upper body work as Hailie sat on a gym bench and with 5 pound weights in each hand she’s start with them on the floor then reach them upward in a horizontal pattern, spreading them wide from her body, which she called a “dumbbell back fly. She went back to gut-busting while lying on a yoga mat and lifting her legs fully into the air while using a small kettle bell in her hands above her head to reach up and touch her toes in what she called a “weighted jackknife crunch.”

Hailie recommended doing three sets of 15 reps for each of the workouts, and with a body as amazing as hers, it’s time for fans to get to work!  They were praising her in the comments section with one user telling her “All that hard work is really paying off you look great Hallie!” Another user named Elias joked “If someone punched u in the abs their fist would shatter lol” while one person wrote “All that hard work pays off mama wow speechless keep it coming 🙂👌👍.”