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‘Property Bros’ Sibling JD Scott Confesses He Thought He Was Dying After Suffering From Mysterious Illness

'Property Brothers' sibling JD Scott took to IG to reveal his ongoing battle with a mysterious, debilitating disease the last 14 months.

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JD Scott
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JD Scott, 43-year-old renovation expert and brother to the beloved Property Brothers, revealed on Instagram that he thought he was near death, multiple times, in the last 14 months while struggling with an unknown illness. With his fiancée Annalee Belle by his side, JD opened up in a lengthy IG video, and fought through tears while describing his frightening health battle. “I’ve been quite sick for the last 14 months. It started around May and there had been some symptoms before that, but ended up in the hospital because things got really bad, and that began the whole process,” he began. “That event was so bad, I thought I was dying. I was preparing all my estate and everything for Annalee.”

JD’s symptoms including an extreme heat sensitivity, which lead doctors to believe something was wrong with his brain. “I was extremely sensitive to heat — anything over about 70 degrees, I would suddenly feel like my skin is on fire, I would pass out, and I would be out of commission sometimes for days.” After numerous MRIs and several doctors, JD said they first treated it as an autoimmune disease, specifically lupus. “After months and months, they determined it wasn’t lupus and that it was a brain aneurysm. They then decided I had two brain aneurysms,” he admitted. Finally, JD got in with a specialist who ended up ruling out everything the other doctors said, and diagnosed him with something called a nummular headache, which was related to the “crawling” feeling he had on his skull. “What he gave me helped with that specifically, it didn’t help with the other symptoms,” he said.

While JD was going through his series of tests and several doctors, he and Annalee — who got engaged in October — were also getting their house renovated on the new show Forever Home, which they were both working on. “I was doing makeup on the show, and learned there was a Functional Doctor there, which was something I was actually looking into,” Annalee explained. A Functional Doctors use homeopathic and natural approaches to medicine, and the doctor saw JD right away. “He did so many tests, I had about 25 vials of blood taken, but he discovered there was pretty severe infection,” JD said.  “He said it’s possible that it has been there for quite a while, and that would have been setting off all these responses. My body was trying to fight it.” This discovery only occurred about a month ago.

After a round of antibiotics and a strict elimination diet, JD revealed he is on the mend. “I have gotten better. I felt, at times recently, like I did before this all started and I haven’t felt like that in ages,” he said, but warned that “it’s not all better by any stretch, but this sort of thing does take time.” Annalee broke into tears while admitting that some of their friends have made “some really crappy comments” throughout their hard time, with some even calling JD “dramatic.”

We’re so happy to hear that JD is starting to feel better again!