‘BIP’s Carly Waddell & Evan Bass Reveal Plans For More Kids & How Their Daughter Bonds With His Sons

Finding love on TV can be quite challenging, but Carly Waddell and Evan Bass opened up to HollywoodLife about how they found a way to beat the odds.

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Falling in love and starting a family after meeting on reality TV doesn’t always work for stars from The Bachelor franchise, but sometimes, it does! Carly Waddell, 33, and Evan Bass, 36, are proof of that, after meeting on Bachelor In Paradise, and eventually getting married in Mexico during a televised ceremony in August 2017. Since then, they’ve had one child together and currently have another on the way, so we wanted to find out how life has been for the couple — especially merging their children together — since getting married. “When the boys walk into the room, she does this little thing where she squeals so loud and then she runs away yelling and then she does a little twirl and then she does a princess thing and then she has to be held by them and it’s so cute,” Evan tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY of daughter Isabella, 1, and her relationship with his older three sons: Ensley, Liam and Nathan. “It’s maybe the coolest things ever, in my entire life.”

It sounds like the siblings have bonded so easily, which is amazing and helpful for Carly and Evan, who share that their daughter not so secretly has a favorite sibling. “Ensley’s her favorite,” Carly shares of his son from his previous relationship. “It’s amazing to watch their relationship develop because my youngest boy is 11 and for her to be one, it’s a really cool dynamic that I was curious to how that would work out with such a big age gap. It’s the most beautiful thing and she’s just going to be taken care of forever. She’s going to have so much love from these boys,” Evan shares.

Carly has been busy juggling life as a working mom, as she hosts a podcast with fellow Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise alum and BFF, Jade Tolbert, 32, Mommies Tell All, leaving many to wonder — was this planned? “I’ve had two unplanned pregnancies,” Carly says. “The first time obviously we found out three days after our wedding that I was pregnant and Jade was already very pregnant by then and showing so that was very exciting and then this time, we had the dream, we kept talking about it. We say we put it out in the universe and then the universe said yes. But our dream was to have bumps together this time because last time I was so far behind her.”


Ryan West

Even though Carly and Evan are busy preparing for baby number two, they’ve already made up their minds about baby number three! “We’re done!” Carly and Evan claim, adding that their kids are fully aware about how public their love story is. “Evan’s already showed Bella. Sometimes when I get bored I’m like, “Hey, let’s watch mommy and daddy on TV!”