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‘Kate Plus Date’: Kate Gosselin’s Twin Daughters Meet & Interrogate Her Favorite Suitors

On this week's episode of 'Kate Plus Date', Kate Gosselin's two eldest daughters, Mady and Cara, sat down with two of her favorite suitors and asked them some hard-hitting questions.

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“This is an unusual dating environment, so why don’t we just make it more unusual?” Mady, 18, said during the July 8 episode of Kate Plus Date, when she and her twin sister, Cara, also 18, asked to interview two of their mom, Kate Gosselin‘s, favorite suitors before she heads into the next round of her dating process. And those two men ended up being Jeff and Todd, so they were subjected to some hard-hitting questions, like, “Do you wear cargo pants?” Yes, really.

Upon meeting Jeff and Todd — at separate times — Mady and Cara asked their mom to leave the room. They didn’t want their mom’s presence to affect the way the guys answered their questions, which were put together so the girls could figure out how well these guys would fit in with their family. For instance, Mady and Cara wanted to know if the guys drink milk, watch sports, or wear cargo pants. “No shade to anyone who wears cargo pants, but no stepfather of mine will be in cargo pants,” Mady said.

And Kate seemed to be on board with the whole process, as she said, “Being willing to be essentially interviewed by a sampling, if you will, of my children, is brave”. Kate clearly thought more highly of the men after they sat through the question and answer process with the twins. Especially after they were asked about wanting more children. “No disrespect to any eligible bachelors with children, but we have enough children. If you love your children, great. If you have them, amazing. But please, don’t join our family.”

Mady and Cara seemed to like Jeff and Todd, but Kate also wanted them to meet Joey — the guy who introduced her to his mom on their first date. And Mady and Cara ended up LOVING Joey — so much so, in fact, that Kate felt they liked him more than she did. But in the end, they presented her with their two favorites. So now, Kate will decided which two she’ll be going on second dates with. And that all happens next week!

Want more drama? New episodes of Kate Plus Date air Mondays at 10pm on TLC!