‘Stranger Things 3’ End Credits Scene Explained: What It Could Mean For [Spoiler]

'Stranger Things' pulled a Marvel and dropped an end credits scene after the show-stopping season 3 finale. The brief scene gives 'Stranger Things' fans hope for one particular character.

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Yes, there is an end credits scene after the Stranger Things 3 finale. A few seconds into the credits, you begin to hear the wind blowing and you see snow falling. Suddenly, we’re taken to Kamchatka, Russia, to what appears to be a Russian facility. Two Russian guards walk into what looks like a prison. One guard begins to open up a door and the other guard goes, “No. Not the American.”

They take another prisoner out of his cell to a cage of sorts. The prisoner screams and tries to break free. The guards lock him inside the cage where he comes face-to-face with the Demogorgon, who is alive and well! The Demogorgon stands up and gets ready to devour the prisoner. That’s where the intense scene ends.

The end credits scene could mean that one major character is still alive: Hopper. While it looked like Hopper died during an explosion after Joyce cut off the machine that was keeping the gate to the Upside Down open, we never saw his body. If you’ve ever watched TV before, you need to see a body before fully accepting a character’s death.

It’s worth noting that throughout the season the Russian hitman who was after Hopper called him “the American.” That wasn’t for nothing. Given that the Russians are capable of pretty much anything, you best believe they could have snatched Hopper as the explosion happened and took him back to their motherland. If Hopper is still alive, the Russians have big plans for him. Cue the Winter Soldier-style transformation and the inevitable Operation Save Hopper! The wait for Stranger Things season 4 — which has not been confirmed yet — is already on.