James Maslow Talks Making His Cinematic Dreams Come To Life By ‘Merging’ His Passions For Music & Film

Following the release of his striking video for 'Love U Sober,' James Maslow admitted he has more to come this summer and it's 'bigger' than anything he's ever done.

It’s ironic that James Maslow’s latest single is entitled “Love U Sober” seeing as the track is one of his most intoxicating. Following the release of his action-packed music video for the track, HollywoodLife caught up with the former Big Time Rush member to chat all things music, acting, and what’s next for the star.

“‘Love You Sober’ is really the beginning,” the singer tells us. “Just the taste of what is to come and the video — What I mean by that is I have a whole slew of music coming out. It’s already done, most of which is mixed and mastered, most of the single art is put together. I’m just really proud of what I have and excited because art is a game and plan and a business plan as well.” After hearing “Love U Sober,” we are SO here for even more new music from James.
While 2019 has held plenty of change for James, it’s all the good kind. “Recently switched up my team pretty drastically. I don’t have a really big team. Just working with people who are as excited about what I am doing as I am. It’s a lot of fun. The second part of that plan if you will — There will be this song and this music video which is something I always wanted to do which is merge my film world, the cinematography, the movie style and quality of what I get to do on camera here, with my music world and that’s part of the reason I went so big and created a short movie, almost an animation film, for ‘Love Me Sober.'” he explained, before teasing what’s to come. “I’m going to have quite a bit of those coming out. The third of which — some acoustic versions as well…the third of which I’ll be combining with a music project which I’ll be announcing this summer. It’s really exciting and a lot bigger than anything I’ve potentially done before. That’s the hope!”
James Maslow
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So — is the star more focused on music or acting these days? “At the end of every tour I just want to act and at the end of every movie I just want to go play music! I’ve worked very hard to not have to choose and God willing I won’t ever have to,” he tells HL. Oh and in further proof he can do it all — James is set to appear in the forthcoming film, We Need To Talk. While it’s tough at times to focus on both aspects of his career, James admits “It’s a great problem to have.”

As fans know, James was a long-time member of Big Time Rush and while they might not talk every day, they’ve always got each others backs. “We talk every once in awhile! It’s like family members. I don’t speak to my brother and sister every day, but if they ever call or text or need me I pick up and am there. Those guys are. They’re like brothers. We went through so many years and so many wonderful things together. We don’t see each other often but of course we keep in touch,” he tells HollywoodLife.
Be sure to take a listen to James’ latest single above! The singer is on a roll and clearly, he’s not slowing down anytime soon.

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