Sylvester Stallone’s Daughters Joke They’ll Be ‘Forever Single’ After He Tells Guys That He’s ‘Watching’ Them

Sylvester Stallone has three gorgeous daughters -- and they're all single. Could the 'Rambo' star have something to do with their status?

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Sylvester Stallone Daughters Future Boyfriends
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Sylvester Stallone is busy promoting his upcoming movie Rambo: Last Blood, but on June 13, he took some time out to troll his daughters’ future boyfriends. The 72-year-old action star posted a picture to Instagram of his gorgeous girls — Sophia, 22, Sistine, 20 and Scarlett, 17. Sylvester is well aware of how many guys would love to date his daughters so he shared a message for their would-be-suitors and wrote: “Remember, I’m watching you guys!… #PapaBearInTheHouse #Rambo Is my close friend”

Sly’s oldest daughter Sophie was the first of his family to comment: “aannddd now we’re forever single.” His youngest daughter Scarlett simply asked: “What is this?” And Sistine followed it up with: “oh damn.” Although it’s clear that the back and forth was all in good fun, there’s probably at least some truth to the messages. After all, what guy is going to want to get on Rocky’s bad side?

Although all the Stallone girls are currently single, they are definitely in demand. In 2017 they all shared the title of Miss Golden Globe and it seems they are prepping to follow in their dad’s Hollywood footsteps — or at least Sistine is. The beautiful model is co-starring in her first big movie this summer. She will appear alongside Corinne Foxx in 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, the sequel to 20017’s 47 Meters Down, which starred Claire Holt and Mandy Moore. The film follows four women exploring an ancient Mayan city lying under the ocean that is now populated completely by sharks, according to Collider. The film drops on Aug. 16, just near the end of summer.

A month after Sistine’s movie premiere’s Sylvester’s latest installment in his long running Rambo series will hit theaters. It was initially predicted to be his final Rambo film, after all it is called Rambo: Last Blood. But speaking at the Cannes Film Festival on May 24, Sylvester put those assumptions to bed. “Let me just say something about the ‘last’ of anything. I thought Rocky 3 was the last, you know. So I don’t know anything. If it works I’ll just keep going, you know because I enjoy it so much.”