Allison Mack Accused Of Giving NXIVM ‘Sex Slave’ An ‘Assignment’ To Do ‘Anything’ Cult Leader ‘Asked’

Allison Mack isn't on trial -- but a witness for the prosecution in the federal case against NXIVM leader Keith Raniere just made some very disturbing accusations against her.

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Allison Mack Sex Slave
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Smallville star Allison Mack, 36, was arrested in 2018 for her time as a high-ranking member of the self-help group turned sex cult NXIVM. She pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering conspiracy, and one count of racketeering for her alleged time with NXIVM and managed to avoid going to trial. But the group’s leader Keith Raniere, 58, is currently fighting a long list of charges in a federal court and on June 6, a survivor took the stand and gave disturbing testimony about her time as a NXIVM sex slave. According to court transcripts, which HollywoodLife has seen, the witness known only by her first name, Nicole, revealed that Allison was her “slave master”. According to Nicole’s testimony one of her “assignments” from Allison led to a terrifying sexual encounter with the group’s leader Keith — and a third person who still remains unknown to Nicole.

In the transcripts, Nicole told the court about the incredibly disturbing “assignment” Allison gave her: “One morning before a walk, she told me to go outside and tell Keith that I would do anything that he asked me to do….I was, like, kind of right — that morning, right before the walk, (Allison said) I have had another assignment for you. When you go out there, you’re going to tell Keith that you’ll do exact — whatever he wants you to do.” The prosecution asked Nicole if she felt she had a choice in “completing that assignment” and she told the court: “No choice. It was an assignment.” According to Nicole’s testimony, before she left for the walk, Allison said to her, “Now go be a good slave.”

Shockingly, Nicole followed Allison’s command. In her testimony, she told the court, “I went outside, and he was waiting outside, like, out the backdoor of Allison’s house. And we started walking, and I was, like, too nervous to say it. So, we walked a little ways and then I just, like, kind of blurted it out like, I’ll do whatever you want me to do.” According to Nicole’s testimony, the day after her promise to do whatever Keith asked, he took her to a house directly across the street from Allison’s upstate New York home and had her strip naked before blindfolding her and then taking her to another unknown location. 

Nicole told the court: “We eventually stopped, he came around, took my hand, took me, like, through the woods? I mean, I just remember, like, feeling things crash under my feet, like branches breaking…Then I stepped up on, like, a step and then into a room or little — like, in my imagination it was, like, like, cabin. But I don’t really know…There was a table there…he told me to get on the table. And then he tied my wrists and my feet to, like, different sides… (I felt) super vulnerable and exposed. And I was hoping that maybe that was it, like, maybe that was — that maybe that was the whole thing, you know, just that I had to be super vulnerable and exposed.

“Then somebody started going down on me…And I was still, like, trying to process — just process what was happening, and then he, Keith, started talking. And I was so confused, obviously. I was like what is happening?…He was talking to me, like, up here and someone is still going down on me. So, I was like holy shit, there’s somebody else in the room…(It was) just — it’s terrifying. You don’t know — I mean, I’m trying to, like, process what’s going on. Like, there is someone else in the room, okay, so now there’s two people in the room. Is there three people in the room? Like, how many people are in this room right now?

“And, like, I just was trying to — and it was kind of like just stay calm, just try and breathe, just try and stay calm. And, also, Keith was talking to me at that time. He was, like, walking around the table asking me questions. So, I was trying to stay calm and figure out what was going on and, also, answer the questions that he was asking me. And, so, it was just a lot.”

Nicole revealed to the court in her testimony that she had no idea how long her ordeal went on for — or who was performing oral sex on her.  Although Keith allegedly later told Nicole a woman was “going down” on her he refused to tell her who it was and promised she “would never know”.