YouTube Star Trisha Paytas, 31, Loses 37 Pounds After Years Of Binge Eating — See Before & After Pics

Trisha Paytas revealed in a new Instagram post that she lost nearly 40 pounds in five months. The YouTuber is known for her 'mukbang' videos, in which she eats large amounts of food.

Trisha Paytas
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Trisha Paytas, 31, has often let her YouTube viewers in on her weight loss journey through the years, and she shared a new update yesterday on her Instagram that she has lost 37 pounds since Jan. 2019. The content creator, who films “mukbangs” as part of her video content (in which she sits down to chat in front of the camera while eating food), showed a picture of herself from January in which she was 217 pounds, and then a picture from May 31 at 180 pounds. The star posted a lengthy caption about her weight loss journey.

“I still have a long way to go BUT I know my biggest insecurity (sad to admit) my entire life, since I was literally 8 years old, has been my weight,” Trisha said in her caption. “I remember kids in the 3rd grade making fun of my weight and I didn’t understand it other than it made me feel bad. It’s followed me my whole life. As a result of people constantly telling me how fat I am, unattractive, etc, I actually ended up eating more to cover my feelings.”

“Shaming didn’t encourage me to be healthy, it just made me think I’m already fat so what’s the point,” she continued. “The more weight I gained, the less appealing I felt. How could anyone love me like this? How could I love myself like this? Everyone’s go to hate comments are ‘miss piggy’ ‘you’re obese’ ‘keep shoving food in your mouth.’ As these continued to grow, so did my weight.” Trisha received liposuction in Feb. 2017, but she claimed in her Instagram Stories that she gained that weight back. She revealed in her caption that she had planned to get more liposuction yesterday, but instead decided to do it on her “own this time.”

“I’m not suggesting being at a healthy weight fixes all your problems,” Trisha said. “But I’m doing this to gain confidence back in myself and to practice discipline in every aspect of my life right now.”

Trisha posted another side-by-side photo comparison for any naysayers who thought she photoshopped the pics. “Video don’t lie – weigh ins ON THE SCALE coming next week. 217 > 180 and going… 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼,” the YouTuber said. If Trisha is happy with how she looks, that’s all that matters. As for us, we think she has looked incredible at every weight she’s shown herself to be on YouTube!

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