‘Wahlburgers’: Donnie Wahlberg Attempts To Help Brother Paul ‘Up The Swag’ With His Style

Paul Wahlberg gets a surprise makeover to show Donnie on the next 'Wahlburgers' and he's not feeling it. Mostly because Paul's copying his style!

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Sure they look alike, but Donnie Wahlberg‘s brother wants to dress alike, too! Donnie’s older brother, Paul Wahlberg, is playing some mind games with the NKOTB singer on the next episode of Wahlburgers, and it’s not exactly panning out. In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the next episode of the family’s hit A&E reality series, Donnie heads out to meet Paul at a hotel in Boston, and gets the shock of a lifetime. Paul wearing an outfit that was basically plucked from his closet: pageboy hat, leather jacket, skinny jeans, and wild kicks. Hey, he actually looks pretty good, but Donnie’s not digging that they’re twinning.

Seeing Paul dressed just like me at Hotel Baker — I actually started to question my own taste in clothing,” Donnie quips to the camera after giving Paul the up and down. Paul’s got an explanation for his changed appearance, though he doesn’t let Donnie in on what’s up. “When Donnie summons me, I know he’s going to put me through the ringer. So, I figured if I dress like him, maybe he’ll be confused and think I am him. And then, he’ll leave me alone,” he says in the clip. It isn’t shown in the clip why Donnie’s “summoning him” for a meeting, but we really applaud Paul’s unique idea for turning the situation around.

The problem is, Donnie immediately starts trying to improve Paul’s look, which is kind of worse for him. He’s impressed by Paul’s “soft as butter” leather jacket and studded sneakers with red bottoms, but he has some slight tweets. First, Paul doesn’t even know what red bottomed shoes actually are. Donnie has to teach him how to say Christian Louboutin! Then, he fusses with Paul’s hat, pulling it down. “Like this? I’d be afraid to fight you. Right now? I’ll take your lunch money.” That’s cold. We can’t wait to see what happens next on the rest of the episode!

Wahlburgers airs Wednesdays at 9:00pm on A&E.

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