How Offset Plans To Be There For Cardi B After She Canceled Her Concerts: He’s ‘Stepping Up Big Time’

In the wake of Cardi B having to cancel her shows to recover from cosmetic surgery, we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned that Offset is doing ‘anything’ he can to help his wifey out during her time in need.

Cardi B, 26, pushed herself too hard and now, she’s paying for it. After not taking enough time to recover from going under the knife, the “Wish Wish” rapper had to pull out of some high profile gigs. Thankfully, she has her own private nurse/assistant to make sure she’s well taken care of: her husband, Offset! “Offset is supporting her by being there for her at all costs,” a source close to the Migos rapper tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “He has his own tour dates coming up but he will be by Cardi’s side at all times when he can to help out with anything she needs, and that includes the care of Kulture.”

“He is stepping up big time,” the source tells HollywoodLife, “and has been stepping up ever since the cheating allegations. Offset is a completely new man devoted to Cardi, and he will do anything, and everything needed to get back to the Cardi everyone knows and loves.” So, while Ms. Almánzar puts her feet up and relaxes, she’ll have Offset there to massage her feet, treat her right, and record any more cute moments from baby Kulture (like the time their daughter “remixed” Cardi’s hit, “I Like It.”)

Cardi first admitted to getting liposuction and a breast augmentation during her performance at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis on May 5, and nearly ten days later, she raved about her lipo during an Instagram Live session. “I needed my boobs done, but I didn’t need the lipo. If I worked out after birth, I would’ve been fine, but I don’t have time, bro! B–ches are never happy. The same girls that are saying ‘love yourself’ are the same ones saying I’m plastic. I’m a happy ass plastic b–ch.”

However, Cardi told her young followers to not undergo cosmetic surgery to please a guy or succumb to the pressures of society. “I’m telling y’all this to make y’all feel good, like do whatever you want,” she said, before suffering the complications that forced her to pull out of a couple concerts. Surprisingly, Cardi received a word of sympathy from Wendy Williams, 54, who expressed on her May 22 episode that she too had a hard time bouncing back from her own breast augmentation in 1994. “She said it on stage, so she probably felt something open up or maybe she saw oozing puss,” Wendy said on her show, May 22. “As a girl who’s been there and done that, I can tell you, if you jump around enough, you’re going to see oozing puss.” Yikes. Maybe Offset can help with that?

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