BTS’ Jungkook Shows Off Swimming Skills In New Video & Fans Joke He’s The new Michael Phelps

The power of BTS fans is strong. The BTS army reacted to a new video of Jungkook swimming on Twitter and compared the singer to professional athlete Michael Phelps.

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BTS member Jungkook, 21, hopped into a pool and showed off his freestyle swim stroke in the water. Fans went wild over the video of the K-Pop star, with many admiring Jungkook’s strokes, kicks, and flip at the end of the lane. Many even jokingly went to the point of comparing Jungkook to United States Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, 33, who has 23 gold medals. The comparisons led to Michael’s name trending on Twitter, too.

One fan reacted to the trend, “We got Michael Phelps trending because of Jungkook’s video!! I can’t breathe,” they said in all caps. Another fan said, “Jungkook swam so Michael Phelps could run.” Someone else noticed the power of the BTS army, “Bro I KNEW when Jungkook posted those vids of him swimming and ‘michael phelps’ trending, i KNEW we did something.”

Another person commented on Twitter, “This boy Jungkook think he Michael Phelps or something boy if you don’t go sit down.” Someone else jokingly called for a race between the two “swimmers.” “Jungkook vs Michael Phelps showdown now,” they requested. One fan likened Michael Phelps’ retirement from swimming to the singer’s abilities. “Michael Phelps retired [because] he knew Jungkook was coming,” they said. Another fan said, “many years ago jungkook found a little boy crying on the sidewalk. he walked up to him and asked what was wrong and the little boy replied ‘i want to learn how to swim’ so jungkook took him him in and trained him. that man grew up to be michael phelps.” Amazing.

Another fan remarked, “Funny how we’ve never seen Jungkook and Michael Phelps in the same room… something smells fishy.” Hilarious! We love how BTS fans have so much fun with their favorites on social media. And it’s nice to see Jungkook enjoying his time off from performing!

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