‘RHOBH’: Lisa Vanderpump’s Lie Detector Test Results Revealed Before Camille’s Wedding

Lisa Vanderpump's lie detector results were finally revealed during the May 21 episode of 'RHOBH', and the ladies were left speechless upon learning she had even taken a test.

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The May 21 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kicked off with Lisa Vanderpump completing her lie detector test, and to say it seemed staged and shady would be an understatement. Not only with Lisa’s friend, John Sessa, provide the questions for Lisa’s test, but the test was taken in a ratty office in downtown LA. Regardless, Lisa gave answers to several different questions, while hooked up to the machine, and they included: Do you think Dorit‘s face has changed in the last year as much as her accent? (Her answer: “She’s had a head transplant”), Have you ever given a story to RadarOnline about Dorit Kemsley abandoning her dog to a shelter? (Her answer: “No”), Do you know who gave a story to RadarOnline about Dorit abandoning her dog? (Her answer: “No”), Do you think you will ever forget the hurtful accusations made by your close friends? (Her answer: “No”), Do you believe these women, who have accused you of giving a story to RadarOnline, are your true friends? (Her answer: “No”).

After Lisa finished taking the test, she said that she could do it again if need be since she was nervous. However, the examiner said the test was accurate and it agrees with him: “It says there is zero chance that you are lying about any of the questions of importance.” Then, Lisa slipped him $500 dollars for saying that. (Just kidding!) She really just celebrated with John after getting the results that she wanted. But it’s not yet clear whether Lisa will share her results with her co-stars. She said she might “shove it up their asses” if she ever comes across them, but considering she bailed on attending Camille Grammer‘s wedding, that might not happen until the reunion.

Even without seeing the results, though, the ladies still found out about Lisa taking a lie detector test. And that’s because Kyle’s daughter, Alexia‘s, very good friend was burglarized. “Her house was under construction when the burglary happened, so they took the construction workers to have a lie detector test,” Kyle explained before revealing that Alexia then discovered that Lisa Vanderpump was also at the same facility taking her own test. So, obviously, Alexia then told Kyle and now Kyle has told her co-stars. “Lisa Vanderpump was there taking a lie detector test,” she said. Dorit said she was “confused” and Kyle’s husband Mauricio asked, “Why would she do that?” to which Kyle said, “She’s obviously taking a lie detector test to say she’s innocent — she acts like she’s being accused of murder for God’s sakes.”


“This is not even normal behavior,” Teddi said. “Lie detector tests aren’t even accurate.” And everyone seemed to agree, with Mauricio adding, “They’re not admissible in court.” Finally, Teddi acknowledged that serial killer “Ted Bundy passed” a lie detector test, too, and he was eventually found guilty of murder, so yeah… It seems evident that no matter what Lisa’s results were, the ladies still believe she’s guilty of giving a story to RadarOnline.

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