‘RHOBH’s Lisa Vanderpump Has No Regrets Taking Lie Detector Test After Cast Blasts Her On Social Media

After her 'RHOBH' co-stars bashed her for taking a lie detector test in a new episode, Lisa Vanderpump is defending her decision & swears she has 'no' regrets.

Lisa Vanderpump
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After getting hooked up to a lie detector test in a new episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump, 58, has admitted she actually did so for the fans more than anyone else. The reality star EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife why she doesn’t regret the decision while celebrating World Dog Day and the work of Vanderpump Dogs on May 18. “When they said, ‘Why are you taking a lie detector test?’ I say that when people are accusing you and they don’t believe you, what other choice do you have? I actually did it more for the audience than the women to just basically say I’ve got enough confidence in the fact that I’m one thousand percent innocent to go do whatever it takes and if this guy wants the FBI and the police reports to lie detectors, I don’t care about it,” she said.

The reality star went on to admit that the current season of the Bravo hit show has been the most tumultuous to date. “This season with Housewives has been beyond brutal….beyond. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I thought season two, four, and season six were bad, but this has been fifteen episodes of bashing in total,” she tells HollywoodLife. However, she still has “no” regrets about taking the lie detector test in an attempt to clear her name throughout this season’s PuppyGate drama, she tells us in the honest interview.

As fans know, the PuppyGate drama all stems from the time Dorit Kemsley adopted a dog from Vanderpump Dogs and then gave it away. At the May 18 event for her foundation, Lisa was tearful when asked about her work with the adorable pooches. “Well, if you’ve seen what we’ve seen over the years as we immersed ourselves in the fight against dog torture. It’s wonderful because what we wanted to do is we wanted to show the world exactly what it’s like to celebrate these incredible little guys. This is baby steps. This is our 4th annual world dog day and I think people are starting to get a better understanding and they get involved in the fight and supporting dog rescue,” a glassy-eyed Lisa passionately explained.
However, throughout a tough year, Lisa remains positive as she looks ahead to the future. “This year’s been very, very difficult on a personal level in the last year. I’m glad this year is actually over, last week really in terms of personal tragedy that our family suffered so now it’s almost slightly cathartic the fact that the year has passed. It’s time to start again,” she says.

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