‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: 3 Main Characters Get Fired In Shocking Season Finale

Bailey was left with no other choice but to fire three main characters during the May 16 season finale of 'Grey's Anatomy'. Plus, Teddy gave birth and Owen finally confessed his love to her.

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What did Bailey just do?! During the May 16 season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, she fired Meredith, Alex and Richard after they all confessed to playing a part in committing insurance fraud. Meredith didn’t want DeLuca to rot in jail for something she had done, so she decided the best course of action was to tell Bailey and Catherine the truth. However, Richard and Alex didn’t want her to go down alone, so they, too, confessed to playing a part in using Meredith’s daughter’s name so they could perform a surgery on a child who didn’t have insurance. Bailey couldn’t believe what she was hearing and gave us the best callback to Season 2, when she said, “This isn’t an L-VAD situation and you’re not interns.” So basically, they weren’t going to get out of this one by all confessing in hopes of confusing Bailey. Instead, she just fired every single one of them. After they were given the news, Meredith visited DeLuca in prison and told him what she had done. And then she told him, “I love you too.”

Meanwhile, Teddy started the episode in the midst of giving birth, and due to the dense fog in Seattle, she had trouble getting to the hospital. But Amelia’s quick thinking — and a nearby policeman directing traffic — got her there just in time. And Owen also made it to the hospital after getting in a car accident, so he didn’t miss the birth. In fact, he was there to confess his love to her just as the baby, whom they named Allison, started crowning. As for Tom, he had no idea that Teddy gave birth and he’s going to be thrown for a loop when he finds out that Teddy and Owen are on the road to a rekindled romance.

After the birth of the baby, and dealing with Teddy all day and realizing she’s still in love with Owen — just a tad bit — Amelia told Link that she needs more time before pursuing another relationship. So they’re now on pause. But Nico and Levi had more luck during the season finale, as Nico admitted he misses Levi, so they made up. And then when they were watching My Girl in Levi’s basement, his mom came down and suspected Nico was just a friend. But Levi corrected her and called Nico his “boyfriend”, as he came out to her and finally admitted that he’s gay. Nico seemed thrilled.

Finally, Maggie and Jackson had a serious talking after trekking through the woods. And she confessed that she doesn’t think Jackson likes her very much. He may be in love with her, she said, but he doesn’t “like” her. However, he also said that he doesn’t feel as though she respects him. Then, after they got into their vehicle and started driving back to the hospital, he got out of the SUV to look around, but he never returned. So Maggie was left in the dark — and the fog — yelling his name.

Oh, and Jo finally confessed to Alex what happened in Pittsburgh — even though Meredith already told him while they were locked in the chamber together. Anyway, Jo was seen heading off to seek some help when the episode started wrapping, so there’s definitely some hope for both her and them.

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