Cardi B Raves About Her Liposuction After Showing Off Abs In Tight Red Pants: I’m Happy Being Plastic

Cardi B is as real as it gets! The rapper went on a late night Instagram Live rant on May 13, where she went into full detail about the after effects of getting liposuction on her stomach. Her rant came hours after she showed off her abs in a bikini top!

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You can always count on Cardi B, 26, to deliver the truth. And, that’s exactly what she sought out to do during an impromptu IG Live on Monday night, where she explained that liposuction isn’t just a quick fix to get a flat tummy. The “Money” rapper revealed that she’s been going through the uneasy post-op process after undergoing liposuction on her stomach. Cardi decided to get the procedure after she gave birth to her daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus last July.

“But, I’m telling you guys, because b—ches think you can go get surgery and that’s it. No, you gotta maintain this sh-t,” Cardi said of her experience with liposuction. The rapper added that she was in the midst of filming a music video when she went live on IG. Cardi went on to explain the after effects of her procedure and the post-op care. “That’s why, if you look at my stomach, it looks lumpy because they have to massage it out,” she said. “There’s like a 100 post-op appointments to smooth it out. It’s been about three or four months. I can’t wait to see the results.”

Cardi later admitted that while she doesn’t regret getting liposuction, it’s something that wasn’t a necessity. “I needed my boobs done, but I didn’t need the lipo. If I worked out after birth I would’ve been fine, but I don’t have time, bro!”, she explained. “B–ches are never happy. The same girls that are saying ‘love yourself’ are the same ones saying I’m plastic. I’m a happy ass plastic b–ch. I’m telling y’all this to make y’all feel good, like do whatever you want.”

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The Grammy winner concluded with a message to her followers about not succumbing to the pressures of plastic surgery. “Don’t feel pressure to change your body because of a man,” she urged. “At 21, I went through sh-t. Don’t feel pressure to do sh-t, because then you might end up hurting yourself… I don’t like giving people advice… I’ll tell you about my experience but I won’t tell you what to do.” Cardi added: “I’m a good hearted person and I just want these kids to not go through the sh-t and see the sh-t I’ve been through.”

The mother of one first confessed to getting liposuction during her performance at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis on May 5. “I have some news for y’all. I should have canceled today,” she told the crowd. “I shouldn’t really be performing because moving too much is gonna f—k up my lipo. But b–ch I’m still gonna get my motherf—ing money back, let’s go!”

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