‘SNL’ Weekend Update: Pete Davidson Has Mom Amy On & Admits He Lives With Her

In the second to last 'Weekend Update' of the 44th season, 'SNL's Mother's Day themed show had Pete Davidson's mom join him at the desk so he could explain that they really are roommates.

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Saturday Night Live sure has got a lot of mileage out of Pete Davidson‘s personal life this season. The comedian and his mom bought a house together after his split from Ariana Grande, 25, forced him out of her $16 million NYC apartment. The 25-year-old hit up Weekend Update on May 11 to explain his unusual living situation. “This year it’s going to be a special Mother’s Day for me cause she’s not just my mom, she’s also my roommate,” Pete began. “I know what people think. They see you on TV and magazines and stuff and think, ‘wow that guy must have his own place.’ Nope!” he said with a laugh.

“It’s not like I moved into her house. I just bought a house with my mom…like a winner!” he continued. Colin Jost told him he’d heard about people buying houses for their mom but Pete responded, No, if I buy a house I’m going to live in it.” He said it’s not really a mother-son thing but that they’re now ‘homies.’ And it’s not just his mom who lives with Pete, as his 21-year-old sister also resides there and he joked about how “sad” that was for her as if she were a loser.

The comedian then got real and said “But she really is the best and I put her through a lot so I’d like to bring her out so please welcome the greatest roommate in the world Amy Davidson,” and out came his mother, wearing a pink hoodie that had her face next to Pete’s on the front. When Colin asked Pete what he was getting her for Mother’s Day, he confessed “What do you mean, I put her on TV. This is it.” HA!

It was a break from the usual politics that can come with Weekend Update. On the May 4 episode,  Kate McKinnon did a killer impression of Massachusetts Sen. and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. She made fun of the crowded field she’s in and well as mocked her competitors, including Beto O’Rourke. When anchor Colin Jost asked what set her apart from the field, she responded “ Look Colin, I mean, what a frickin’ clown car I found myself in, right? I’m over here working ’round the clock to give you free college but oh lookie there! Beto O’Dork did parkour in a Starbucks! Wow!” From Hillary Clinton to Jeff Sessions to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Kate has never failed to nail her political impersonations.