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‘Killing Eve’s Kim Bodnia Dissects Konstantin & Villanelle’s Relationship: ‘If I Don’t Love Her, I Get Killed’

The dynamic between Villanelle & her handler is ever-changing. Kim Bodnia, who plays Konstantin in 'Killing Eve' talks about the relationship his character has with the crazy assassin.

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Following Konstantin’s triumphant return to Killing Eve after he was presumed dead in season 1, it’s been an adjustment for both he and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) to find trust and love for each other again. “You have to remember that the base is a father daughter relationship between Konstantin and Villanelle,” actor Kim Bodnia, who plays Konstantin, said in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. “Of course I love her, of course. That’s how I survive. If I don’t love her in the way that I should, I’d probably get killed. Or, if I love her too much I’d probably also get killed. It’s so complex, but that also makes it funny to act because you really don’t know what’s going to happen.”

As much as Konstantin loves and has trained Villanelle to be the murderous vixen that she is, he’s also continued to play both sides. In this season, he is still trying to earn Eve’s (Sandra Oh) trust, while double-crossing her by reporting back to Villanelle. In this last episode, Konstanin instructed Villanelle that her next target was Eve. “I’m a big supporting actor in this game, so I’m really trying to understand where Eve and where Villanelle lie in their relationship and help them move in the right direction, that will, in turn, help me,” Kim said of his character’s actions this season.

“Eve didn’t really trust me in the first season and I really need her to trust me now, because there is something going on that’s with my plans. Sandra doesn’t even know what’s going on with me! She gets so frustrated.” The Dutch actor laughed, “In some scenes, Sandra looks at me and just goes ‘What the f*ck? Why did you do that? You’re lying!’ It’s so funny.”

It’s almost as if Konstantin, Villanelle and Eve are in a love triangle, but the one who wears the pants in the relationship changes with each episode. The real question is, is Villanelle actually capable of feeling the love that Konstantin clearly does have for her? “How can it be real love? How can love be connected with so much violence and how can love be connected with that kind of way of treating the people you love and people around them?” Kim asked. “I think it’s brilliant and it’s funny but we have to remember who they are. You can’t take that away from a character like Villanelle. If she really believes that she’s in love, then it is love.”

He added, “Konstantin is understanding and respecting of that about Villanelle, and I think that that’s a complex question to me as an actor, and as Konstantin… But if you ask Konstantin, he would say that for her, she feels real love for Eve and Konstantin.”

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