George Clooney Reveals Twins, 23 Mos., Are Already Bilingual: ‘They Obviously Got My Wife’s Brains’

George Clooney talked about his adorable little twins, 2, in a new interview, revealing that they speak both English and Italian!

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George Clooney, 58, gives credit where it’s due! The actor stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on May 9 to chat with Ellen DeGeneres, 61, about his smart twins, who are almost two years old. He told Ellen that they take after his wife, Amal, 41, who is a world-renowned human rights attorney. “They obviously got my wife’s brains – they’re not quite two, and they can count from 1 to 20 in English and Italian. I’m still trying to do the English part! They’re smart.”

He also noted that the family lives in Italy, California, and England, which is making his twin children develop a unique accent. “My wife is very English, very British – my son said ‘zeh-bra,'” George said. “I got to fix that. That’s not gonna happen.”

“They have their own personality, he [Alexander] goes outside and hugs my car, and he hugs it, which is bad when I’m driving,” George joked around. “That’s really not good, he gets right in the wheel.” He continued, “My daughter [Ella] is up in my wife’s closet with her purses, saying, ‘Mine.” I see this will be a fun life for me.”

George also revealed that his two children “run in two different directions,” which surely keeps the dad busy! But, he added, “They’re very well-behaved.” George and Amal had their first date back in 2013 – a dinner at Lake Como in Italy! They got married a year later, in Italy. Three years after their wedding, Amal delivered their twin children, Ella and Alexander.

We love this adorable family, and can’t wait to hear more about parenting stories from George and Amal in the future!

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