‘RHONY’s Ramona Singer Hints At Reuniting With Ex-Husband Mario: ‘Never Say Never’

Ramona Singer revealed that she and Mario are now in a 'good place' after separating in 2014, following a cheating scandal that rocked 'RHONY' fans. She's even 'absolutely' into the idea of falling in love again!

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Ramona Singer, 62, and her ex-husband Mario, 65, had a surprise reunion on The Real Housewives of New York in an episode that aired on April 24 — but will a (romantic) reunion extend off-screen? Ramona predicted the possibility in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. “Getting divorced wasn’t easy, but you know what? Mario and I are in a good place which you saw on the show,” the Bravo star told us, and it’s true — they hugged upon running into one another at an Upper East Side restaurant. Ramona even sniffed Mario’s neck and confessed her ex smelled great!  The friendliness that Bravo viewers witnessed was real, as Ramona added, “I love him as a person. I settled into that and it’s important to not harbor any animosity towards one person for the other.”

Ramona has a reason to stay on amicable terms with Mario, despite rumors of an alleged affair on his side that preceded the end of their 22-year marriage in 2014 (the divorce was finalized in 2016). The blonde beauty explained that resenting one another is “not good for yourself or your heart and soul or your children that you share,” as she and Mario co-parent a daughter, Avery Singer, 24. She elaborated, “We’re friendly and that feels good.” On the subject of a possible reconciliation — and not just for family events — Ramona admitted, “You always say never say never but I don’t know. I don’t think so. We’re different people. We want different things.”

Okay, a second go at romance may be far-fetched right now — but what about something more casual, say, a hook up? Ramona had an even more decided answer for that question. “I’m not going to be with someone unless I’m with someone, c’mon! I’m too old at this point,” she insisted, and then explained, “That game is over! Not that I’m too old — I’m too mature.” Well, that does mean Ramona isn’t turned off by the idea of dating seriously again, which she also opened up about. “I’m not seeing anybody in particular but that’s OK,” Ramona revealed. “Would I like to be in love again? Absolutely.”

Ramona Singer Mario Singer
Ramona Singer poses with Mario Singer and their daughter, Avery, at the 2011 TV Land Icon Awards. Ramona and Mario were still married at the time. (Shutterstock)

Whether or not Ramona finds “the one,” the uncertainty doesn’t bother her — she’s kicking butt as the only OG on RHONY (the show premiered in 2008), and as an entrepreneur after creating a skincare line, Ageless by Ramona. “Everybody likes to be loved by somebody other than their family and friends. I realized that if it’s going to happen it happens and if it doesn’t it doesn’t,” Ramona said of finding love after Mario.