‘Miss Bala’ BTS Video: Gina Rodriguez Reveals How She Brought Out Gloria’s Inner Strength

'Miss Bala' is now on Blu-ray and DVD. HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes video of Gina Rodriguez talking about playing Gloria and how she made sure her character's strengths shined bright.

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Gina Rodriguez
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In Miss Bala, Gina Rodriguez stars as Gloria, a woman who finds herself in the dangerous world of cross-border crime trying to save her best friend. Gina opens up about taking on the character in our EXCLUSIVE video. “Gloria, this woman that I don’t feel is often portrayed, especially in the Latino culture, this very quiet, introverted, smart, focused young woman,” Gina says. “I really enjoy playing her because I am so different from that. I am constantly working on my strength. I’m a lion. It’s outward. Gloria’s lion is very much roaring on the inside.”

Director Catherine Hardwicke reveals that when Gina signed on to the movie they talked a lot about the script and how they could give Gloria as much agency and strength as possible given the situation. Gina adds: “The only note that I kept asking as an actor, as a character, as a woman, was what would a man do in this circumstance? He’d jump out the window. Okay, so I should, too. And that is a strength and Gloria owns that. You see her multiple times throughout the movie deciding what that next action is going to be.”

Miss Bala was released digitally on April 16. The Blu-ray and DVD were released on April 30 and the bonus content includes 8 deleted scenes, 3 making-of featurettes, director’s commentary, and rehearsal footage. There is also audio commentary by director Catherine Hardwicke, executive producer Jamie Marshall, and associate producer Shayda Frost.

Miss Bala

The movie also stars Ismael Cruz Cordova, Matt Lauria, and Anthony Mackie. Miss Bala set a new benchmark for Hollywood diversity with a 95% Latinx cast and crew.