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Matthew Morrison Reveals Why Being On ‘Glee’ Made Him Feel ‘Cooler’

The 'Glee' star has recently gotten more involved with environmental activism, partnering with bidet brand TUSHY to bring awareness to tissue paper waste. He talked EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about activism, 'Glee,' and what's next.

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Looking back on his Glee days as the Fox show approaches its 10-year anniversary – it premiered in 2009 and ran until 2015 –  Matthew Morrison, 40, who played show choir instructor Will Schuester, told HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview that the show made him feel “cooler.” “It really introduced me to songs that were happening at the time,” Matthew said. The show choir on Glee covered songs from modern popular music, as well as older hits from earlier decades. “I love the classics, The Beatles, and stuff,” he continued. “But to be on Glee, I had to learn and be aware of new music.”

Beyond acting on Broadway in Hairspray and Finding Neverland, and in hit shows like Glee and Grey’s Anatomy, the actor has found his way as an environmental activist and force in the entrepreneurial world, as well. The star, who became globally known in 2009 after Glee, spoke with HL ahead of TUSHY’s Funeral for a Tree event in New York City on April 25, aiming to raise awareness for the 15 billion trees killed yearly. Matthew will officiate as a minister at the funeral service for trees, 15 million of which are cut down yearly for toilet paper.

“This funeral is to raise awareness for what we’re doing,” he noted about how the United States creates so much waste through toilet paper use, and how this country hasn’t quite caught onto bidets. He added that bidets, which TUSHY makes, “are ubiquitous with other cultures,” and the cleaning device can be used in lieu of toilet paper, minimizing waste. Matthew became more interested in the environment and sustainability from friend and TUSHY founder, Miki Agrawal. Matthew said that Miki, who also co-founded menstrual cycle underwear line THINX, served as his “mentor in the entrepreneurial world.”

His interest in sustainability led to him co-founding Sherpapa Supply Co. in 2017, which is a sustainable clothing, gear, and accessories line dedicated to fathers and families. His business is personal to him, since he’s now a father – Matthew has a son, 18-month-old Revel James Makai, with wife Renee Puente, 34. In addition to his sustainable line, Matthew reduces his carbon footprint by drinking out of a reusable water bottle and cycling instead of driving when he can.

As for what’s next? “I’m enjoying this entrepreneurial world, creating Sherpapa,” he said. “In July, I’m starting on a television show that’s really popular right now.” He also teased an upcoming album to HL, but we’re sure we’ll know more details when he’s ready to share!