Judge Judy, 76, Debuts New Hair Makeover 23 Years After Maintaining Same Short ‘Do

After 23 years of rocking the same short hairstyle, Judge Judy has shocked viewers by pulling it back into a ponytail with a barrette. Fans are completely divided over the new makeover.

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Image Credit: SplashNews

If a celebrity goes with one exact hairstyle for over two decades, you bet there’s going to be controversy when a change happens. Judge Judy Scheindlin has looked exactly the same for 23 long years, with the 76-year-old TV reality courtroom legend wearing her hair in a short, close coiffed bob with wispy bangs. But she shook the TV world on April 22 by pulling all of her locks back and away from her face, pinning her hair at the back of her neck and Judge Judy viewers are conflicted  — and completely divided — over the change.

“I’m loving the new hair style!!! You look so young!!!” one viewer named Treva gushed on Twitter, while man named Balthazar raved “@JudgeJudy I love your new hair!! You look marvelous!” A user named Alexis was thrilled, tweeting “Judge Judy’s new hair style is giving me life!” while a woman named Deborah tweeted “Judge Judy, I love your hair pulled back! You looked beautiful!”

Others were less than thrilled with the bold new ‘do. “She looks 80 years old with her hair in a ponytail. Her Very un-hairdo looks like she didn’t care,” one upset viewer named Lou tweeted, while a woman named Chris was more polite in saying that the new look aged the iconic TV judge by tweeting “Judge Judy has every right to change her hair style. My opinion matters not, her hair her decision. Let me just say I prefer the more ‘youthful’ look of Judge Judy!!.” One person longed for to go back to her haircut of 22 years, tweeting “Love Judge Judy’s Hair The Way It Was. Hope She Finds A  Better Hair Dresser…” Brutal!

Two moms pointed out that their children had become so used to watching Judge Judy with the same hair all of their young lives and their kids were freaked out by the new style. “You know you watch @JudgeJudy a lot when one of your 5 yr olds notices she did her hair differently in the new shows,” a mother named Koko wrote. Then a user named Erin responded by tweeting to her “Lol. My 12 yo came running into the kitchen yesterday saying ‘Judge Judy has a bun!! Mama, come look at Judge Judy’s hair!’ She was shook as well.”

Several fans thought the new ‘do made her look like Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 86. “Judge Judy has her hair pulled back today and I wasn’t ready.Judge Judy with her hair tied back is looking more and more like RBG,” one person tweeted, while another agreed by saying “Judge Judy has a bunch of hair cause she has that bad boy slicked back. Looking like RBG!”

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