Lisa Vanderpump Thought Kyle Richards Would Defend Her In PuppyGate: She Feels ‘Most Betrayed’ By Her

Lisa Vanderpump has lost her fair share of friends this year, but through it all, she feels more betrayed by Kyle Richards than anyone else, HL has learned.

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Amid the PuppyGate drama on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump, 58, feels most betrayed by one person in particular: Kyle Richards, 50. A source close to Lisa EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife why she cut ties with her co-star. “Lisa truly feels out of all the ladies on RHOBH that Kyle betrayed her the most because she essentially called her a liar in her own home, making her feel incredibly disrespected. Lisa loves Kyle and the friendship they had and felt she‘s always stood by her, however, Lisa felt that the way she came into her home and accused her of lying to their friends was so hurtful which is the ultimate reason why she stopped speaking to her,” the source said.

Through the drama, Lisa maintains that she is in the right. “Lisa stands by the fact that she didn’t throw anyone under the bus and expected Kyle to jump in and defend her and it makes Lisa sad to feel she did the opposite of that,” our source goes on to say. “Lisa was so hurt by this that she instinctively blocked Kyle because everything was just so painful for her to deal with at such a sensitive time having just lost her brother. Of course she wishes Kyle would‘ve been at her birthday party, but she was so hurt that she couldn’t bear it. If Kyle called Lisa and were sincere, she‘d be open to a discussion.” HollywoodLife has reached out to Lisa’s rep for comment.

The rift between the two ladies stems mainly from the PuppyGate drama we’ve seen this season. Fans of the show know that all hell broke loose this season when Dorit Kemsley, fellow cast member, adopted a dog at Vanderpump Dogs and then dropped it off at a shelter. Lisa was understandably upset, but felt like she wasn’t supported by her fellow castmates. In a recent episode of RHOBH, we saw Lisa celebrate her birthday at her restaurant TomTom, but Denise Richards was the only co-star to attend.

Despite the fact that Kyle did attempt to patch things up with Lisa when she showed up to her house, it didn’t exactly end well. The star was eventually thrown out and the two reality stars are not on speaking terms. For Kyle, she feels like she did all she can do. “Kyle truly feels — to this day — that all she tried to do was talk to Lisa and help, and Lisa turned it all around on her. She is still so confused as to why Lisa threw her out of her house and blocked her number. Kyle feels like Lisa has no right to be mad at her as she did nothing wrong, but try to help her. She feels like blocking her was completely unnecessary and ridiculous and is one of the many reasons why she can’t ever see herself being friends with Lisa again, a source close to the show told HollywoodLife.

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