‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Season Finale: Brielle Biermann Asks Ex-Boyfriend Slade To Move In With Her

Brielle Biermann and ex-boyfriend Slade may be getting back together, as they talked about moving in together during the April 19 season finale of 'Don't Be Tardy'!

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Image Credit: Bravo

We can’t believe Season 7 of Don’t Be Tardy has already come to an end, but at least the series’ most recent season went out with a bang. During the April 19 episode, Kim Zolciak performed her new song, “Wig”, in Key West, Kash and Kade entered grade school, and Brielle Biermann asked her ex-boyfriend, Slade, to move in with her. So as we said, a lot happened in those final 30 minutes. But let’s start with what went down between Brielle and Slade. While the former lovers didn’t decide to give their relationship another try — yet — they did talk about the possibility of becoming roommates in the not too distant future.

Brielle has been struggling since moving out of her parents’ house, as she said she’s suffering from FOMO. However, everyone she asked throughout this season, had told her to give her new apartment a try before giving up and moving back home. And this week, Slade told Brielle that she can’t live with her parents forever. He insisted that she finally move her stuff into her new apartment and “experience” everything the new place has to offer. She seemed to agree with him, but Brielle also asked Slade if he’d be her roommate. He said no, but he teased the possibility of it becoming a reality sometime soon.

Then, after Brielle cooked dinner for her two friends at her new apartment, they said she needs to use her cooking to lure a new man into her life. But instead, Brielle seemed to be hoping to reunite with Slade, as she told her friends that the dish she cooked for them is Slade’s favorite.

Meanwhile, Kim debuted her new song, “Wig”, for a crowd of gay fans in Key West, and they seemed to like it. We wouldn’t say they loved it, but they definitely liked it. And her entire family danced on stage as it played for the crowd, so everyone had fun with it.

And that’s a wrap for Season 7 of Don’t Be Tardy! Will Brielle and Slade actually move back in together, or start dating again? Only time will tell, but we hope to see them as a couple when and if Bravo renews the show for an eighth season.

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