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Adrienne Houghton ‘Trying For Baby’ This Summer: ‘I’m Ready To Experience That Miracle’

Adrienne Houghton, who recently launched her jewelry line XIXI in Nov. 2018, revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that she and husband Israel Houghton will try to get pregnant this summer!

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Adrienne Houghton, 35, is a busy woman between her hosting duties on television talk show The Real and her jewelry line XIXI, but the star has also been trying to get pregnant with her husband Israel Houghton, 47. The former Cheetah Girls actress revealed EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife at an intimate celebration for her jewelry line XIXI at The Harmonist in West Hollywood that she and her husband will “begin again” to try and get pregnant this summer. Adrienne has formerly been vocal about her struggle to get pregnant, and the star opened up even more about that process to HL.

“I thought of pregnancy very differently than it was in real life,” Adrienne divulged. “You’re told your whole life, ‘You have sex one time and you’re going to get pregnant!’ As a teenager, that’s something you have in your mind.” Adrienne said that she had felt pressured to stick to a time schedule per her The Real filming times. She had thought she had to get pregnant in August, so she could give birth in May, then take those months of May, June, and July, which was her hiatus from The Real, to be with a newborn. “So if I’m honest, we tried in that small window of August – it didn’t happen, so I was like, ‘Oh, I’ll go right back on the pill.'”

“Now, we have decided that this summer, we will begin again and not stop until [getting pregnant] – I’m not going to be on any planned schedule,” Adrienne continued. “If it happens, it happens. I’ve got a great job that supports me and supports my journey as a mom. I think when you go through something like that you recognize that having a baby and getting pregnant truly is a miracle and I’m ready to experience that miracle! However, whenever.”

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On being vulnerable with her struggles to get pregnant, Adrienne said she is “too honest” for her “own good.” She said, “I feel like everything you go through in life is for a reason and if me just sharing the simplest thing like, ‘Hey, I thought I was going to get pregnant last year and it didn’t happen!’ I’m not discouraged at all. I think it’s the journey and I really do believe it’s going to happen when it’s supposed to happen. I think that sharing that wasn’t a weird thing for me at all because if one woman watched that and thought, ‘Oh wow, I’m not alone!'”

Adrienne and Israel married in 2016, and she shared what continues to make their relationship work in their marriage. The star told HL, “I think that the most important thing is friendship [in marriage]. I like him more than I love him. God forbid we ever fall out of love, I like him as a person. We don’t get on each other’s nerves in that weird way.”