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‘No Good Nick’s Kalama Epstein Teases Jeremy & Nick’s ‘Cat & Mouse’ Dynamic In New Netflix Show

'No Good Nick' drops on Netflix April 15. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Kalama Epstein about his exciting role on the show, working with Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin, and so much more.

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Kalama Epstein
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No Good Nick follows 13-year-old Nick, who infiltrates a family with the intention to get revenge on them for unknowingly ruining her life. As she gets to know the family, she will find compassion for them and will struggle with whether or not she can ultimately go through with the plan. Kalama Epstein plays Jeremy Thompson on the new Netflix series, the eldest child of the Thompson family. Kalama talked with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about his character. “He is uptight, a little more conservative. He is a school politician,” Kalama told HollywoodLife. “He’s really passionate about the things that he cares about.”

When Nick comes into the Thompson family’s home, Jeremy is immediately suspicious of her intentions. “He really becomes quite paranoid of her and he puts on his Sherlock Holmes hat and dives into proving that there’s something wrong about Nick,” Kalama continued. “That she’s not exactly who she says she is. That’s really his thought process. Their dynamic really plays much like a cat and mouse game.”

Kalama also noted that the show “really varies between really, really funny multi-cam comedy and drastically switches to the serious drama” that weaves a “very unique story and format together.” He revealed what stood out about the role that made him want to be a part of this show: “All of our characters are complicated and flawed in their own unique ways. I really think it was the approach of seeing my character’s flaws for what they are and me diving past that and going to the human side of it was a really cool thing that really drew me to the character and drew me to the show. Jeremy’s just a lot of fun to play. It’s a lot of fun to play somebody who has a huge ego. Jeremy has a really huge, unchecked ego. Getting to play that is super fun. Getting to confront the more human side of these sitcom characters has just been really cool. It’s made for a very good show.”

Working alongside Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin, who play his parents on the show, has been a dream come true for Kalama. “They’re so amazing but at their core, they’re just great people,” Kalama said. “They’re amazing people to work with. They’re amazing friends. It’s been an incredible experience. It’s awesome to be able to look up to somebody and then get to work with that person. Then have that person exceed your expectations and then be even greater than you could have possibly expected.”