Kate Beckinsale’s Secrets For Keeping Her Skin Ageless & Flawless At 45

Kate Beckinsale wowed fans with a makeup-free selfie on April 4, and she did something 'extremely smart' to maintain a complexion you'd expect to see on a 20-something. But Kate doesn't rely on one strategy for perfect skin.

It’s fitting that Kate Beckinsale’s claim to fame is playing a vampire in the Underworld series, because the 45-year-old actress really does seem immortal. Even without the help of foundation or even tinted moisturizer, her makeup-free face is noticeably bereft of sun spots, wrinkles and dark circles (as you can see below). “Kate did one thing that was extremely smart when she was younger. She protected her skin and never allowed herself to get sun burned nearly ever,” a source close to Kate EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. The British beauty is a sunscreen advocate, but she doesn’t solely rely on SPF for a glowing complexion.

“She also drinks an amazing amount of water, she is always keeping hydrated,” our source continues. But Kate also pays mind to her overall lifestyle, and not just what she puts on her face — or in her glass. She maintains “a routine of running and doing the normal things people do in the gym by using light weights and crunches and push ups,” our source adds, who notes that these activities have “really continuously kept her in shape.” Sometimes, though, you have to hope mom and dad passed on their best genes. “Plus she is blessed with incredible genes and that is something none of us can control and only only hope for,” our source says, which makes sense — both of Kate’s parents (her mother Judy Loe and deceased father Richard Beckinsale) were actors!

Kate has extra help, too. “She’s constantly asking her young daughter for beauty tips,” a second source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife, referring to the actress’ 20-year-old daughter, Lily Mo Sheen. The insider dives even more into the mother’s fitness regime, adding, “Kate is full of energy and passion and works out about five to six times a week doing all kinds of cardio and Pilates to keep toned. She likes to feel young and hip.”

The fountain of youth isn’t limited to skin care, workouts, water and sunscreen — Kate’s company keeps her young, too! “Kate is obsessed with looking and feeling younger which is why she hangs out with younger men. It makes her feel youthful,” our second source continues. The actress has been seen with Saturday Night Live performer Pete Davidson, 25, since Feb. 2, and Kate looks far from old in the passionate PDA photos that have emerged from their hangouts.

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