MAX Reveals The Underlying Story Behind Honest New Song ‘Love Me Less’

MAX dropped a melodic new song with Quinn XCII on April 5 & told us all about the lyrics' true meaning in an EXCLUSIVE interview!

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MAX Love Me Less
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MAX, AKA Max Schneider, stole everyone’s hearts with his romantic ballad “Light’s Down Low,” and the singer is back with an equally as captivating track – “Love Me Less.” The latest single from the hit-maker dropped on April 5, and it’s just one indication of his all-star year. MAX scooped up a nomination for ‘Best New Pop Artist’ at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards, and that’s not all the New York City native boasts. The crooner has previously been featured in a Dolce and Gabbana campaign alongside Madonna, and as fans know, actually got his start in TV! With a brand new track under his belt, the musician told us all about the deeper meaning behind of the upbeat anthem, and what we can expect from the forthcoming music video.

What was the inspiration behind “Love Me Less?” What does the song mean to you?
MAX: It’s a really special record to me. I wrote it about a year after being married to my wife Emily. At some point in any relationship all of your insecurities and weird traits open up. One of the main ones was that I had this very unhappy ex who threatened to try to get Emily deported since she was from England. Nothing like that to punch a hole in the honeymoon stage. This song came out of that moment where I hoped all of my baggage wouldn’t ruin our relationship and hopefully we’d grow closer through it all.
Can fans expect a video for the track as well?
MAX: Oh yeah, I’ve been working on the storyline for the official video with the director for a few months now. I’m so excited to wrap it up and reveal it to the fans. It’s so exciting bring this new yellow world and era to life.
Congrats on your 2019 iHeartRadio nomination! Did you have a favorite memory from the show?
MAX: Thank you so much! Well my friends AJR were nominated as well and we both ended up sadly not winning our specific awards. But after the awards show we went to an amazing jewish deli all together and said we’re gonna start a tradition whether we win or lose awards together, we’ll always celebrate at some sort of really casual jewish deli or diner.
Do you ever feel pressure when penning tracks after the massive success of “Lights Down Low?”
MAX: All the time. The blessing and cure of having a specific piece connect with people in a deep way is of course getting back to that raw honest place again and again. It’s a part of the fun though. Finding the next meaningful story that translates into that just right song that everyone feels a part of.
You have a lot of cross-genre collabs under your belt. How do you define your sound in 2019?
MAX: I’ve been working with mostly the same producers for this new album which has been amazing. I’m usually all over the place but it has been magnificent getting to really dive deeper into a specific world and evolution of the sound. It’s soulful, it’s bright, it’s electrifying, it’s real.
What’s a fact about you that might surprise fans?
MAX: Well I’m a massive animal lover. My dog wink is a little one eyed rescue dog from new york and we do a lot of acoustic shows at rescue shelters to promote adopt don’t shop. I also did at one point try to adopt a monkey. It didn’t work out but it is a bucket list dream.
Who would your next dream artist to work with be?
MAX: My list is incredibly long. I’m quite obsessed with ROSALIA. Camilla Cabello, Billie Eilish, Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Khalid of course especially because he gives the best hugs and I adore him.

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