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‘RHOBH’: Dorit Suspects Lisa Vanderpump Leaked A Damaging Story About Her & Puppygate

Denise Richards got married during the March 26 episode of 'RHOBH', but her wedding was sadly overshadowed when a damaging story about Dorit and 'PuppyGate' emerged online.

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“Oh my God, PK. Oh my God. There’s an article that just came out. [It reads], Stabbed In The Back! Lisa ‘Extra Hurt’ By Longtime Friend Dorit Over Abandoned Dog. [The article says], ‘Lisa Vanderpump feels betrayed by her longtime pal, Dorit Kemsley, who adopted a dog from Vanderpump [Dogs] only to drop the animal off at a local animal shelter shortly thereafter. Dorit apologized and told Lisa that she was too ashamed to bring it back to Lisa. And she did not want to disappoint her, the friend said.’ That is so untrue,” Dorit told the cameras after first sharing the startling news with her husband, PK, during the March 26 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Dorit also stumbled across this news alert after Denise Richards‘ wedding, where she and Lisa traded air kisses and seemed friendly with each other. So Dorit was completely confused when she saw this news article. Especially because it makes her look really bad and could be very damaging.

“It’s not nice to have stories circulating and particularly ones that can be very damaging to your reputation, to our children — if people think that I mistreat animals, God forbid — I grew up with animals,” Dorit cried to her husband. And when he tried comforting her by telling her that no one would believe the story, she didn’t seem so convinced. “I know that! But people’s perceptions are what they read, PK, and what they believe! Obviously, we know [I don’t hurt animals],” Dorit said before she kept reading more of the article out loud: “Lisa was very upset over this and still is because she has known Dorit and Paul for a very long time. She’s not the type of woman that holds onto grudges for very long.” But doesn’t she? Even Dorit commented on that line by telling the camera, “Well, there’s just about everybody in the world that believes otherwise.”

Dorit then read more of the article to PK, in which it said the “chihuahua mix nipped at one of her children,” and because of that line she immediately suspected Lisa had sold the story to Radar Online herself. “The only people that know that it was a chihuahua mix — because it’s a rescue puppy — was Lisa and her team.”

PK then added, “She’s got it wrong. She’s made a mistake,” and when Dorit asked him if he, too, believes Lisa provided the info to Radar Online, he said, “Well, who else is it?” Dori also revealed that when she initially talked to Lisa after the whole puppy situation, Lisa asked, “So she nipped at the kids?”, which they thought was more proof that Lisa leaked the story. “I remember thinking to myself, that’s not a word that I’ve ever used,” she said before PK added, “No — nipped is a [British] word.”

Finally, Dorit revealed, “I know that she’s got a relationship with Radar Online. This has Lisa written all over it … I take two steps forward and ten back in our friendship.” And then, when PK suggested that maybe Lisa’s employees were behind the article, since they have her “best interest” at heart, Dorit couldn’t even fathom such a thought. “No, no. Lisa has full control over her Vanderpuppets. This is a whole other level of betrayal.”

“Lisa must know that the truth is going to come out,” PK concluded, and we have a feeling he’s onto something. As we said, all the ladies seemed fine with each other earlier in the episode, as they all kept quiet about Puppygate while at Denise’s Malibu wedding. Teddi and Lisa Vanderpump even exchanged hellos and goodbyes, so it really seemed as though everyone was ready to move on from Puppygate, even though no one was going to get the apologies they wanted or deserved. But considering this new development, we can only imagine that there will be a lot more talk about Lucy Lucy Apple Juice next week. We should also note that next week’s episode (April 2) will take us full circle, as it’ll feature the big fight between Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump — the same one that was teased at the beginning of the Season 9 premiere. Buckle up, viewers. Things are about get really wild.

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