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‘Idol’ Alums Gabby Barrett & Cade Foehner Reveal His Romantic Proposal & ‘ASAP’ Wedding Plans

Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner, who both competed on Season 16 of 'American Idol', are spilling all the romantic details on his epic proposal and why they want to tie the knot 'ASAP'!

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Former American Idol contestants Gabby Barrett, 19, and Cade Foehner, 22, are a force to be reckoned with! Not only are they both working on their music careers, but they’re also busy building a life together. Just four days after revealing to the world that they’re engaged, Gabby and Cade dished on his proposal, as well as their wedding plans, with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. And according to Gabby, Cade’s proposal was “really fun” for her. She explained, “So Cade and I were both in LA for some premarital counseling at a wonderful church … [and] the hotel we were staying at while we were visiting happened to be the same one Cade and I met in and hung out in a conference room in the hotel for the first time during Idol.”

She continued, “I told Cade that we have to go back and check out the room. So the pastor [we were seeking counseling from] told us that his daughter takes pictures and she asked if she could take some random ones of us for her portfolio and we said, “Yeah!’ And so, we were about to start the little photo session and we went to the room where we first met in, so we said, ‘OK’. Then, she starts taking pictures — and keep in mind I don’t expect or suspect anything. Then she says, ‘Let’s take some pictures in that room!’ And then she says, ‘Hang on a second! I need to switch a setting on my camera! You guys can hang out for a minute…’ And so we were like, ‘OK’. So Cade looks at me and starts saying all these super duper sweet things and I thought nothing of it because he normally does that all the time and I noticed he kept going on and on and then he said eventually, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you!’ And then he got down on one knee and popped out the ring from under a curtain and then I said, ‘Yes!’ And then we took real professional pictures because it was all set up and it was really fun!”

We, obviously, couldn’t be happier for the couple, but considering their young ages, we thought they’d wait a bit before getting married, however, that won’t be the case for Gabby and Cade who began dating in early 2018 when they competed on Idol together during Season 16. As for a specific wedding date, Cade told us, “We haven’t set a date or anything, but we are going to get this shindig on the road as soon as possible! We are both excited to be married and start that life!”

Cade also told us that faith plays a huge part in both his personal and professional life. Cade, who just released a new song called “Southern Hallelujah” on March 26, told us, “Yeah [faith] is certainly a catalyst and the absolute center of all that I do — to have faith in Christ, it is so permeating to all that I do and the music that I write. I am always trying to ground it in something that is pointing to the scriptures and the marriage relationship. The reason that marriage is what it is is because it is supposed to represent Christ and his church, so that is certainly the center of all that I will do until I die.”

As for what their future holds in music, Gabby and Cade want to win a lot of awards, and we can’t say we blame them! Considering how much we love them and their music, we predict they’ll win many awards throughout their lives. “I would love to be nominated for a CMA or Grammy in one year. That would be really really cool for me. So that would be on my bucket list for the next year musically,” Gabby told us, while Cade revealed, “Musically speaking, everything I have ever wanted to do was to play in a band and travel. I was the little rock and roll guy in high school. That was my biggest thing in my world and that is why I did Idol — to brush up. That was the most interesting and grueling thing that anyone can do, so to be able to travel around and be a part of this music community and have people respect and enlighten you, that is always the goal in mind. So always push forward and continue to make it as big as it could possibly can be!”

Cade, who finished in fifth place on Idol, also told us he’ll be embarking on another tour soon, but no details have been revealed just yet. As for his new song, “Southern Hallelujah”, which was released on March 26, Cade is currently filming a music video for it. Meanwhile, Gabby, who finished third on Idol last year, is currently touring and promoting her new song, “I Hope.” More info about concert dates can be found here!