Diane Kruger Shows Off Post-Baby Body Four Months After Birth of Daughter — See Bikini Selfie

Diane Kruger is back and better than ever, showcasing her post-baby body in a tiny bikini after giving birth to her daughter in November.

Diane Kruger Post-Baby Body
Image Credit: Nina Prommer/Shutterstock

Diane Kruger, 42, proudly showed off her abs after four months of hard-work to get back to her body before pregnancy. The new mother took to Instagram on Sunday March 17, to share a photo of herself in the gym, kneeling down on a purple exercise mat while wearing sneakers and a pair of black and white draw-string gingham pants over a bikini. While the Welcome to Marwen star opted to wear pants over her leopard print bathing suit bottoms in the selfie, she chose to go shirtless over her tiny little red bikini top to show off her ripped stomach, accessorizing with a few trendy layered gold necklaces.

Looking directly into the camera with an exhausted face on as if she had just crushed a crazy workout, the German actress wrote about her fitness journey, saying, “Am I showing off ? F**k yeah. ‘cause it’s been hard work to get my abs back. I didn’t think it was possible after having a baby. And certainly not at my age.” The photo clearly puts Diane’s flat tummy on full display, especially her abs which are so clearly defined, you would never believe that she just gave birth a few months ago. The birth of Diane’s baby girl with her partner, Norman Reedus, 50, marked the couple’s first child together and Diane could not wait to show off how much her dedication to working out has truly paid off, noting that she did it not only for herself but for her partner, Norman.

The mother-of-one continued to dish about her weight-loss journey, including how a fitness blogger and mother, Hannah Bower, played a huge role in getting Diane back in shape, writing, “I want to thank Hannah Bower for sharing her journey and helping me get motivated. I don’t have a trainer, but I’ve been committed to get my body back.” Admitting she got her body back for herself, she also made sure to shout out Norman, by calling him her “boo” but using the ghost emoji instead. “For myself first….but also for my [ghost emoji]. The female body is AMAZING. #andyesIminabikiniworkingoutcauseitshothereandwhynot,” she concluded.

Despite Diane showing off her own body on social media, the couple is choosing to keep their baby completely private, not even revealing her name. The happy parents met while filming the movie, Sky, in 2015 and announced their official relationship a year later. Although this is the first child Diane and Norman have had together, the Walking Dead star has a 19-year-old son, Mingus, from his past relationship with supermodel, Helena Christenson, 50.

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