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Khloe Kardashian Prepared To Fight For Sole Custody Of True Thompson — She Worries For Her Future

Khloe Kardashian's 11-month-old daughter True has been her main concern since her messy breakup with Tristan Thompson, and she's making sure she has a happy future, even if that means fighting for sole custody.

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Khloe Kardashian, 34, has been trying to pick up the pieces after her headline-making split from Tristan Thompson, 28, last month, and now she wants to make sure their 11-month-old daughter, True, still has the happiest life, even if that means a nontraditional custody arrangement. Khloe is willing to fight for sole custody of True if it means the bundle of joy will have a better future, and she wants to make sure she does whatever it takes to not lose the precious tot.

“Khloe worries about her daughter’s future and is prepared to fight to maintain custody of her only child,” a source close to the Kardashian family EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Khloe is in close contact with her family attorney to insure that she will never lose custody of True to Tristan, should he decide to take her to court. While Khloe is financially secure, she has also discussed child support with her attorney, she is making sure all her bases are covered and that everything dealing with True and Tristan is fair and equitable.”

Although Khloe still wants Tristan to father True through regular visits, she feels sole custody would ensure she’s always the primary person in True’s everyday life, which she already thoroughly enjoys. “The best part of Khloe’s day is singing her daughter to sleep every night and she would be heartbroken if that was ever taken away from her,” the source continued. “So Khloe is working closely with her attorneys to make sure that Tristan has fair visitation rights but that sole custody remains firmly with her.”

Over the past few weeks, Tristan’s shocking cheating scandal with KarJenner family friend Jordyn Woods, 21, has been heavily on Khloe’s mind, but she’s ready to put it all behind her and shift her entire focus on True. “Khloe has to deal with something Tristan related every single day and she knows that will be the case forever,” the source explained. “Now there’s a host of things that are on her mind and it’s all revolved around emotions surrounding losing him and the benefit and well being of True. She is looking forward to the day when the discussions become just about True’s well being and nothing else. She can’t wait to get to that point and it’s a work in progress that she is going over with herself and her lawyers, so everything ends up the way she knows it’s going to be. She anticipates and wants Tristan to do his part to make this upcoming process as swift as possible as well.”

We previously reported that Khloe should have no problem gaining primary physical custody of True, but since sole custody is slightly different and gears more toward Khloe having most, if not all, the control, it will be interesting to see how things pan out. Khloe’s not too worried about getting what she wants though, and currently feels content with her baby. “As time passes, Khloe actually feels that things are going in the direction she wants so it’s making her feel a lot better moving forward,” the source said. “She truly believes all will make sense at the end of the day.”