Wendy Williams Convinced R. Kelly ‘Brainwashes Young Girls’: He Needs ‘Solitary Confinement’

Wendy Williams kicked off 'Hot Topics' with R. Kelly and the sexual abuse allegations against him for the 2nd day in a row on March 7. And, she didn't hold back. — She thinks R. Kelly should be in solitary confinement for his 'hypnotic games.'

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Wendy Williams & R. Kelly
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R. Kelly, 52, is incapable of being “reprogrammed,” according to Wendy Williams, 54, who sounded off about the sexual abuse allegations made against the rapper during her show on March 7. “R. Kelly’s hypnotic game, his brainwash game is so good for young girls’ minds that these girls actually fell for it,” the talk show host said after she played a clip of a Gayle King interview with the two women he currently lives with — Azriel Clary, 21, and Joycelyn Savage, 23. “These girls are under a spell,” she added.

Wendy went on to update her studio audience about part two of King’s interview with Kelly, which consisted of extended interviews with the two women, along with taped phone calls to their parents. “I don’t think Robert is re-programmable,” Wendy said about the rapper whose real name is Robert Kelly, before she deemed Kelly’s situation as “horrible.” That’s when the daytime host gave her opinions on how the disgraced rapper should be punished for his alleged sexual abuse.

“I think he needs solitary confinement with the leftover food, not the food that first comes out of the kitchen,” Wendy said. “I think he’s beyond counseling, he doesn’t need to see anybody. His food needs to be sent through a slot. If he wants to exercise he can stretch in that 5×5 he’s in. His cot needs to be cement and he needs to clean is own toilet.”

Wendy dedicated the start of her “Hot Topics” segment to Kelly’s controversy — the second day in a row she weighed in on the topic. Just one day prior, she said Kelly “is a sick man,” who she “feels really sorry for” because he is “beyond” the point of seeking help.

Part one of Kelly’s explosive interview with Gayle King aired on CBS This Morning March 6. In the candid sit-down Kelly was overcome with emotion and burst into tears as he continued to deny the sexual abuse allegations against him. At one point, he began to raise his voice and stood up. “This is not me! I’m fighting for my f–king life!”, Kelly said directly into the camera.

Kelly was also asked about his relationship with the two women he currently lives with. “I love them and it’s like they’re my girlfriends, it’s like we have a relationship. It’s real and I’ve known guys all my life to have five or six women, ok, so don’t go there on me because that’s the truth,” Kelly explained of the women, who claim they’re happy residing with him. Clary even said she’s “well taken care of” with Kelly.

Both women denied being “brainwashed” by the rapper and claimed their parents are only interfering for money. When King mentioned that the two women are much younger than him, Kelly said, “I don’t look at ‘much younger’ than me, I just look at ‘legal.’”

On March 6, Kelly was due in court, where a judge ruled that he would return to jail after failing to meet the deadline to pay child support on March 5, according to the Cook County Sheriff’s Office in Chicago. The rapper was required to pay his ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, $161,663 in missed child support payments by 10:00am CT. Kelly’s arrest came after a hearing in the child support case in Chicago at 2:00pm. He has been out on a $100,000 bail (which a fan paid) since his arrest in late February on multiple counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in four cases.

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