America Ferrera On ‘Superstore’ Return & Amy’s Biggest Regret From Season One — Interview

'Superstore's fourth season returns tonight, but when HollywoodLife caught up with star America Ferrera before the premiere, we threw it back to season one for a deep cut question that really needed answering.

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Simply put, if you’re not watching Superstore, I feel sorry for you.  NBC’s workplace comedy is, in this writer’s humble opinion, the best comedy on TV, and as it goes into the back half of it’s fourth season on March 7, there are so many questions fans have about where the show is going next, especially since it was just renewed for a fifth season. However, as a day one fan, there’s a question I’ve been itching to have answered since season one, one that I finally have somewhat of an answer to, thanks to star America Ferrera and creator Justin Spitzer. 

In the season one episode, ‘All-Nighter,’ the Cloud 9 team find themselves trapped overnight in the store. Hijinks ensue, including many of the employees cutting lose and getting a bit tipsy. At one point, America’s character Amy finds herself alone and drunk with lovable Jonah, played by Ben Feldman. In present day season four, the pair are venturing into an exciting romance, but back then, Amy was still married to her high school sweetheart, Adam. While sitting alone, Amy asks Jonah if he wants to know her biggest regret, but then immediately thinks better of it. Instead, she turns to him and says, “Forget it. You’re the last person I should be telling this to.” Well, Jonah may have forgotten it, but I haven’t, and so asked about it at Superstore‘s FYC event in Hollywood on March 5.  

“Wow! Talk about a deep cut! Going back seventy something episodes,” America said when she chatted with EXCLUSIVELY on the show’s set at Universal Studios. “I mean, I know what it was when I was filming the scene, but I never corroborated that with Justin. He might have a different thought, but I think in my heart– and I think in your heart — you know what it is.” Oh, I see what you did there. Tricky, tricky, AF. Well, if we ‘know’ what it is, then it must mean that Amy loved Jonah, right from the very start, and regretted not being able to pursue their romance because she was married. Thankfully, now in season four, Jonah and Amy are finally a couple and Jamy fans all over the place are rejoicing. Still, if you’re waiting for J-Bone and A-Hole to be professing that love anytime soon, the show’s creator is about to burst your bubble. 

“People, you know, shippers or whatever, think they want them to get together and be together and do an episode where they say ‘I love you’ for 21 minutes,” Justin shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during the Television Critics Association winter press tour. “But you don’t want that, you [just] think you want that.” He added that what’s to come for Jamy is not ‘marriage,’ but rather increased ‘tension’ as they navigate the waters of what being a couple really means for them. “It’s continuing to be a slow burn, we’ve always been trying to not move them ahead too quickly,” he added. 

The incredibly timely and hilarious comedy series takes place in fictional big box store Cloud 9 in St. Louis and along with America, it stars Ben Feldman, Lauren Ash, Colton Dunn, Nico Santos, Nichole Bloom, and Mark McKinney. Make sure to tune in Thursdays at 8pm on NBC to catch up with the retail gang every week.