Alejandro Aranda: 5 Things To Know About The ‘Idol’ Contestant Who Wows The Judges

Alejandro Aranda is taking 'American Idol' by storm. He's performing for the judges on the March 6 episode, and he might just be the one to beat in season 17.

American Idol season 17 has found another frontrunner. Alejandro Aranda, 24, is performing on the March 6 episode of the singing competition. ABC released a sneak peek of Alejandro’s audition before the episode and wrote, “Greatest American Idol audition ever?” Alejandro is a dishwasher from California, and the Idol judges are keeping an eye on this star in the making!

1. Alejandro’s American Idol audition completely stuns the judges.  He performs his original song, “Out Loud,” for Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan. They are completely floored by what they witness. “That was the greatest. You, my friend, are so talented. I am so inspired,” Lionel says. Luke adds, “I just feel like I’m in the presence of greatness.” Katy calls Alejandro an “absolute genius.”

2. He can play more than just the guitar. Alejandro is constantly posting videos of himself performing on Instagram. He is an excellent piano player, too! “I love Chopin and everything classic,” Alejandro wrote on his Instagram Story on March 6.

3. His original song is out now! “Out Loud” is currently available on Spotify and was released in 2018. Original songs are always a risk on American Idol, but this song was perfect for Alejandro’s audition.

4. Alejandro hasn’t been playing music for that long! He revealed in his ABC bio that he’s only been playing music for 4 years.

5. His stage name is ScaryPoolParty! He created the name after attending a party and deciding to pursue music, according to The Sundial. Alejandro won Five of Five Entertainment and California State University, Northridge’s Artist of the Year in 2017. “I just hope I gain more passion from music,” Alejandro said after winning the award. “I hope to keep growing and learning until I get old.”

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