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Brielle Biermann Talks Plastic Surgery: I’ll Probably ‘Redo My Whole Body’ One Day

Brielle Biermann has always clapped back against rumors she's had plastic surgery. However she tells us that she'll probably have her 'whole face and everything' redone one day.

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Brielle Biermann has followed in her mom Kim Zolciak’s footsteps when it comes to getting massively plumped up lips. The 22-year-old is also not afraid of one day getting plastic surgery, but she’s fiercely denied going under the knife at this stage in her young life. Brielle has been accused by fans of getting breasts implants as well as having her booty enhanced, though she’s always denied those accusations. The Don’t Be Tardy star tells EXCLUSIVELY that she will likely get plastic surgery somewhere down the line and that’s 100 percent her prerogative.

She explains to us that the reason why she claps back at plastic surgery trolls is “Because you hear the same comment 24/7. It’s all day every day and it gets annoying. Everybody has an opinion, good or bad, and it just gets annoying all of the time and you have to be like, ‘Listen, you don’t know what’s going on.'”

Brielle continues “If I want to redo my whole body which one day I probably will and my whole face and everything, it should not affect you! It’s not your face, and quite frankly, you don’t have to look at it, just move on from life! I don’t know how you’re so bothered by my appearance! You do you!” That last line is the perfect advice that everyone should live by.

The reality star has done her best to ignore haters when it comes to her oversized plumped up pout. She has a collaboration with Kab Cosmetics so she’s not shy about showing off their products on her pillowy lips via Instagram pics. In March of 2018 she fired back at fans who were critical of her growing smackers after sharing a photo of herself at Khloe Kardashian‘s baby shower, and it got tons of attention — just not the good kind. She clapped back by making the comments on the post restricted then tweeting, “Going to get my duck lips plumped up some more !! C ya!,” You do you Brielle!