’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Larissa ‘Not Surprised’ Ex Colt Is Trying To Have Her Deported: She’s Fighting Back

Colt Johnson has not only filed to divorce his '90 Day Fiancé' co-star Larissa Dos Santos Lima, but cancel her green card application too! The Brazil native has a plan to stay in the United States.

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Larissa Colt Deport
Image Credit: Courtesy of TLC

Thanks to a K-1 visa, Larissa Dos Santos Lima, 32, was able to stay in the United States so long as she married her fiancé within 90 days — hence, the premise of 90 Day Fiancé. But the Brazil native’s future in the United States became unclear after her co-star Colt Johnson, 33, filed to cancel her green card application “weeks before” he filed for divorce on Jan. 11, because he told Radar Online that he didn’t want to be “responsible for her” (a 10 year commitment, he claimed). But Larissa’s not exactly offended, shockingly! “I expected it,” Larissa EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife, and admitted to being “surprised” that her estranged husband hadn’t already tried to have her deported! “It’s something I knew that he will do. But if he feels happy with his choices then it’s up to him, but I am not surprised that he is doing it,” she clarified. That doesn’t mean the TLC star is going to idly sit by.

“I have an immigration attorney and I will try to prove that I had the best of intentions coming here,” Larissa revealed to HollywoodLife. “I have lots of proof that I really came her for love and had the best of intentions.” Larissa proved her pure intentions by adding she was “heartbroken” over her failed marriage with Colt, which ended after an alleged fight and alleged physical assault led to her arrest on Jan. 11. Larissa was reportedly charged with misdemeanor domestic violence afterwards. “I feel heartbroken too because when I came here to the US I came for love. When I lost Colt I lost my best friend, I lost a part of me,” she told us, referring to how her estranged husband was the first to admit he’s “heartbroken” in a separate interview with HollywoodLife!

When we chatted with Colt, the computer programmer claimed that after their alleged fight in Jan. 2019, Larissa blocked him “on every avenue.” Colt would like “some resolution,” as he had no clue what she’s up to now. But according to Larissa, the law supposedly required her to ice out Colt!

“We had the fight, I got arrested and while I was in jail I contacted him to ask him to bail me out and he told me no, he wouldn’t bail me out and to never talk to him again,” Larissa said, adding, “And then a few hours later they put a protection order so I could not contact him or it would be a felony. When I did get out I of course had to block him because I could not talk to him.” Anyways, Larissa has a new man to text — her mystery boyfriend, whom she met on Tinder! She revealed his face to fans on Feb. 26.