‘Vanderpump Rules’: Kristen Doute Trips & Falls To The Floor After Getting Super Drunk In Solvang

Yikes! In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the Feb. 18 episode of 'Vanderpump Rules', Kristen Doute is blasted as 'a mess' after a few too many drinks leads to some erratic behavior.

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Image Credit: Bravo

Bravo just shared an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the Feb. 18 episode of Vanderpump Rules with HollywoodLife, and it looks like the girls are still having fun in Solvang. But maybe they’re having too much fun, as Kristen Doute takes a gnarly tumble towards the end of the clip. When the video starts, Ariana asks everyone what they want to drink and because most of them seem a bit intoxicated, they all say water. But Kristen quickly bolts out the front door after what seems like a bit of an argument with Katie.

Lala then follows Kristen outside and asks, “Why you tripping so hard? You were just fine.” Kristen doesn’t answer, but she does go back inside and joins Ariana at the bar. Ariana asks her to go “sit down”, while Lala tells the group that Kristen is “out of her mind”. So Katie then calls over the Kristen, who tells her to “chill” before adding, “You don’t know what the f*** is going on.”

When Kristen returns to the group with a few glasses of water in her hand, she tells Katie, “Thanks for being a f***ing asshole.” Katie grabs the drinks, tells Kristen to “sit down” and adds, “you’re not even making sense.” When Katie then tries pushing Kristen into a seat, she screams, “No! Carter‘s texting me from boys’ night. He’s telling me what they’re doing. So stop interrupting me!” And that infuriates Katie.

Katie then screams, “Sit your ass f***ing down right now and talk about it!” So Kristen turns around to walk over to a cushioned bench, but before she makes it, she trips over a coffee table and falls to the floor. Meanwhile, the group gasps, “Oh my God!” and tries helping her get back on her feet.

Katie then yells, “You’re a f***ing mess! Go to bed. You’re a mess. Go to bed.”

Watch the full clip above, and then, catch the entire episode later tonight, Feb. 18, at 9pm on Bravo! It looks like it’s definitely going to be a good one.

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