‘Vanderpump Rules’: Ariana Becomes Furious When Tom Outs Her For Having Sex With Lala Kent

'Vanderpump Rules' star Tom Sandoval was in the hot seat on Monday night's episode, when girlfriend Ariana Madix gave him some serious backlash after she found out he told some of his guy friends about her sexual encounter with Lala Kent.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Bravo

Woah! It looks like Ariana Madix, 33, doesn’t like her sexual business being told, not even by her boyfriend, Tom Sandoval! The reality star went off on 35-year-old Tom in the Jan. 28 episode of Vanderpump Rules, after Lala Kent, 29, told her he spilled the beans about a drunken sexual encounter they once had in a car. It all happened when Tom was celebrating his 36th birthday at a cigar bar with James Kennedy, Tom Schwartz, Jax Taylor and Peter Madrigal. The guys decided to talk about any “dips in the lady pond” that their significant others had in the past, and that’s when Tom opened up about Ariana and Lala’s fun.

“I don’t know if I ever told you this,” Tom started saying to the guys. “Ariana and Lala had been out all day drinking, and they’re wasted. They’re in my car, and Lala goes, ‘Sorry, Sando, I’m just in love with your girl right now. Ariana, will you come in the back seat? I just want to eat your p***y. Ariana climbs in the back and Lala just starts going to f—ing town, dude.” When Peter asked if they all had a threesome, Tom admitted that he “couldn’t do it”.

The story got back to Lala when Jax told her about it while she was visiting him and his fiancee, Brittany Cartwright. Lala denied the incident happened to Jax’s face but behind the scenes, she fully admitted to it. “Did this happen with Ariana and myself? Yes. Am I about to blow Ariana’s spot up with Jax and Brittany right now? Hell no,” she said to the camera.

Lala did tell Ariana about everything though, and an angry look from behind the bar turned into a full blown argument between her and Tom. When Tom asked her what was wrong, Ariana let him have it. “Are you f***ing kidding me? I literally just got a phone call from Lala telling me the f***ing story you told on your birthday to try to sound cool in front of a bunch of guys,” she said. “It’s not that big of a deal,” Tom responded. “It’s not a big deal? I’m sorry, but it’s my business,” Ariana explained. She then went on to tell him that whether it’s a big deal or not, he didn’t get her permission to tell anyone about her sexual experiences.

“I’m not embarrassed or ashamed of what happened between Lala and I, but I do feel like Tom betrayed my trust by telling this story to his guy friends,” Ariana continued telling the camera. “My sexuality is not something that is meant to sound cool to a bunch of dudes.”

The couple eventually worked things out and Tom admitted the reason he gossiped about the encounter was because he was a little bothered by it. “There was a part of me that was like annoyed by that situation because you guys were wasted,” he said to Ariana.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife last week, Ariana touched upon issues like the one between her and Tom, and talked about what bothers her most about being on a show with people of all different personalities in various situations. “I don’t have an issue with our editors. I have an issue with people on our show who will lean on the forth wall to make themselves look good and other people look bad,” she said.

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