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‘Teen Mom OG’s Amber Portwood Threatens To ‘Beat’ Jenelle Evans: ‘You Better Have Security’

'Teen Mom OG' star Amber Portwood filmed an Instagram live video on Jan. 21 to take out her frustrations on Jenelle Evans and it didn't take long for things to get extremely intense!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of MTV

Teen Mom OG‘s Amber Portwood, 28, wasn’t afraid to confront Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans, 27, in a shocking and extremely intense Instagram live video on Jan. 21. The reality star went off on a rant about some things Jenelle said about her, including the claim that she’s been talking about her for “attention”, and it definitely seemed to add fuel to their already messy feud!

“Let’s tell the f**king truth here. Who the f**k was the pilot of this f**king show? I was, b*tch!” Amber said in the Instagram video, referring to Jenelle initially being a part of the second season of the popular MTV series. “Jenelle, you say anything about me again [and] I see your ass, I’ll bust your f**king ass just like I was gonna do every other motherf**king time. You scared-ass f**king c**t. You scared-ass b*tch. … I’ll beat your motherf**king ass. Don’t f**k with me. Don’t say a f**king word.”

Amber then continued the rant by threatening Jenelle and admitting that she thinks Jenelle is only brave enough to talk about her online and not to her face. “You would never say that s**t to my f**king face. Ever. And you know it,” she said. “Don’t ever f**king see me again in your f**king life or I’ll bust your ass so hard. This time I’m not stepping the f**k back. … You need to have security. You better have security.”

Amber also mentioned the headline-making incident in which Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, jokingly said she would “kill” Teen Mom 2 cast member Kailyn Lowry, 26, in a live video with Jenelle on Jan. 19. “And your bitch-ass mom talking about killing Kail? Bitch-ass, drunk-ass motherf**king b*tch. Shut the f**k up. … You’re a p***y. … You’re too damn old to be acting like that.”

Before Amber ended the video, she apologized to viewers for her intense reaction, and later deleted the entire clip. She then took to Twitter to express remorse for her actions. “Ok I had to delete that lol I went in really hard and that’s just not me today! Not with 2 beautiful babies. I can’t act like that anymore. I refuse! So right now I apologize to my fans but not for what I said! Sending so much love to all my fans. You matter not the ignorance,” her tweet read.

Amber and Jenelle’s feud seemed to begin in early Jan. when Amber called Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, a “clown” on Twitter, which caused Jenelle to tell her to “shut the f**k up.”