Sailor Brinkley Cook, 20, Slams Body Shamers & Mom Christie Joins Her — ‘Words Cut Deeply’

Sailor Brinkley Cook didn't let body-shamers get to her! She defended herself and celebrated self-love in new Instagram post. See details inside!

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Image Credit: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

This girl’s all about embracing who she is! Model Sailor Brinkley Cook, 20, showed on Instagram on Jan. 20 that she loves how she looks and who she is, and won’t let nasty internet comments get her down. In a lengthy comment, 64-year-old Christie Brinkley‘s daughter described how she encountered some hate comments critiquing her body at the bottom of an article about her, and what she does to practice self-love.

“I know i have ‘no tits,'” Sailor said in her comment. “I know I don’t have ‘perfect curves.’ I know I’m deemed as ‘talentless’ and ‘unimportant.’ I know many believe I will ‘never be as beautiful as my mother’ and that I’m ‘an average boring-looking girl with a terrible body.’ I know all these comments. I’ve heard them from strangers my entire life, and they’ve pierced my thick skin and they’ve hurt me more than once. But even though they’ve hurt, I just can’t let them tear me down.”

Sailor then said that instead, she has chosen to live her life with positivity. “[I’m] working on being my most kind, caring, loving self,” she said. “I focus on looking in the mirror every day and loving every part of me that I’ve taken soooo long to learn to love.”

She acknowledged that she knows she’ll never be “enough” for everyone – and that’s so, so important to realize! Attempting to win over everyone’s validation will never work for anybody!

“So to every person sitting behind a screen who’s chosen to write something nasty about me or anyone, I’m so sorry,” she concluded in her post. “I’m so sorry you are hurting enough to want to hurt someone else. I wish you nothing but peace and i really hope you find it in your heart to put that energy you use tearing strangers down, into finding the strength to love YOU and be the positive force we all are capable of being. Stop tearing people down 2019 lol let’s start that campaign.”

Sailor coming forward and sharing this message will surely mean a lot to so many people. We’re glad she isn’t letting the haters get her down!

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