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Jenelle Evans Reveals If She’s Really Quitting ‘Teen Mom’ After Saying She’s ‘Done’ In The Show’s Trailer

Is Jenelle Evans leaving 'Teen Mom' for good? The reality star spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY – find out answers inside.

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In a new trailer for the ninth season of Teen Mom 2Jenelle Evans, 27, was seen saying that she’s done with the show. Fans couldn’t help but wonder, could the mom who’s been on the show for several years really be willing to walk away from it all? Well, Jenelle spoke with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY regarding the dramatic clip and revealed just exactly what she meant in the video clip below.

In the video clip, Jenelle was seen emotionally talking with her mom. “This will probably be my last season,” Jenelle said in the trailer for the next season. “Stay the f**k away from me, because I’m done.”

Jenelle cleared the air about whether she was actually serious about leaving the show forever in her interview with HollywoodLife: What did she mean by saying she’s done? “They like to make things dramatic and hype up the crowd before the episode starts to air,” Jenelle said in the interview. “That’s why they were trying to air me saying ‘I’m done.'” If she would ever actually be done with the show? Jenelle told us that she doesn’t know if she would quit.

So Jenelle’s fans can rest easy – at least for now. She’ll definitely be around for the ninth season, at least, with plenty of drama to come. The ninth season will show her drama with 31-year-old Nathan Griffith, her ex, and her phone call with the police where she claimed her husband, David Eason, 30, was abusive to her.

Jenelle later denied that David did actually abuse her. “We had friends over and we had a bonfire and I tripped over a hole, and me and David were in the middle of arguing about something,” Jenelle told Us Weekly magazine. “I went and fell down, David wouldn’t catch me, he tripped over the hole and we both fell down together. And right after it happened, we filmed about it and I was open and honest.”

We guess we’ll have to keep watching to find out what really happened – season nine of Teen Mom 2 is currently airing on MTV.