Cardi B Starring In Pepsi’s Famous Super Bowl Ad: See Britney Spears, Pink, & More Who’ve Done It Before

Welcome to the club, Cardi B! The rapper is starring in Pepsi's Super Bowl 53 ad, which is so exciting. Take a look at all the celebs who previously had the honor of starring in their own ad, like Beyonce, Britney, and more!

Cardi B
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Cardi B is about to join a very exclusive club. The “I Like It” rapper is one of the hottest artists in the industry today, so it’s only fitting that she’d be tapped by Pepsi for their legendary Super Bowl commercial this year! Past celebrities who starred in the annual Super Bowl ad include Britney Spears, One Direction, Madonna, and more! The spot is viewed by millions every year, and generally gets major replay even after the Super Bowl is long over. While Cardi will not be performing at the halftime show with Maroon 5 and Travis Scott, as previously speculated, this is a pretty good alternative! 

Perhaps the most iconic Pepsi ad ever, and we mean not even just for the Super Bowl! — starred Cindy Crawford in 1992. The commercial was simple but effective. It showed the supermodel (and Kaia Geber‘s mom) pulling up to a rundown gas station in a sports car. She get out, hair flowing in the wind, wearing just a white tank and Daisy Dukes. Two boys watch, mouths gaping, as she strolls up to a vending machine and gulps down a can of Pepsi. She’s beautiful! Watch the classic ad here!

A 2004 Pepsi ad starring Britney, Beyonce, and Pink, also goes down in the record books. The three singers starred as gladiators pitted against each other in an arena, as Emperor Enrique Iglesias (seriously), sips a Pepsi and watches. Instead of fighting, they throw down their weapons and sing Queen’s “We Will Rock You” while wearing bikinis. It’s a lot. Eventually the rumbling from the crowd knocks down Enrique’s case of Pepsis, and the women all enjoy a can. Watch it here!

To see who else starred in Pepsi’s Super Bowl commercials, like One Direction, Michael Jackson, Janelle Monae, and more, scroll through our gallery above! Cardi B is about to be in great company!

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