Jana Kramer Admits Her Several Miscarriages Took Toll On Marriage: ‘I Pushed Him Away’

Jana Kramer struggled to conceive her second child and opened up to HL EXCLUSIVELY about how she and Michael Caussin handled their rollercoaster pregnancy journey. Take a look!

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Jana Kramer, 35, has been nothing but honest with her fans about the difficult road to her son Jace‘s birth. While she and Michael Caussin, 31, welcomed their baby boy in November, they suffered many tragic miscarriages before his arrival, and she described how that felt to Hollywoodlife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “I took everything personal,” she said. “When we lost the two back to back I was like, ‘It’s me and you’re probably going to leave me because I can’t even carry our own baby.’ I just felt like I wasn’t good enough or woman enough to have a baby. He was really great with me, but I felt like in that moment I honestly wanted to be left alone. That truly was hard on our relationship because I pushed him away. I wish I would’ve brought him in more.”

So what was Michael feeling during that tough time? “Obviously it’s hard from a female stand point because they’re the ones going through the hormones, the changes,” the former NFL player said. “As a partner, you feel helpless. You just have to sit in the pain with them. Not being able to physically help the person that you love is really difficult.” The Whine Down podcast hosts were also raising their daughter Jolie, 2, during this time, which left a lot on their plates. But instead of pursuing other methods of growing their family like surrogacy or adoption, Jana and Michael kept trying to conceive with the help of IVF.

“We don’t have the money for a surrogate to be quite honest,” Jana explained. “It was definitely something that crossed my mind but we don’t have that kind of money. If we had the Kim Kardashian lifestyle, yeah, I’d have 20 kids through surrogacy because we want a really big family. The fact that we were struggling meant it could’ve been a great outlet for us.”

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In the end, it was an Ava Fertility Bracelet that helped Jana and Michael conceive Jace. And after such a long journey to their baby boy, it’s incredible to see them come out the other side as a sweet family of four. Not only that, but the couple has continued to bring their hardships into their podcast every week, having candid conversations that are improving their relationship.

“We’ve really been able to communicate better and face things head on, not just sweep things under the rug,” Jana said. “I think that’s what we would do when we would internalize things, and we’ve been able to actually talk about our feelings instead.”

So while she may have pushed him away during their struggle to conceive, the singer and her husband have stuck together through thick and thin. They’re such an inspiring couple!

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