Want To Get Rid Of Flank Fat Fast? Here’s A New Way That Works

Have you done endless sit-ups, tried every diet and yet still can't budge the side rolls around your waist? Here's a new way to whittle them down that works.

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Ok, I’ll admit it — my abs and waistline are not Kardashian or Jenner-like. After four babies, no matter how many crunches or cardio I did, I still couldn’t get rid of my non-baby bump or the flab around my flanks. Then I discovered Emsculpt, a new procedure available at some dermatologists offices, which utilizes electro magnetic fields to reduce fat and build muscle.

I tried it last summer on my abs and was shocked when I saw a significant reduction in the size of my belly. Recently, I learned that the same treatment could be used on the flanks on the side of my waist, and that the procedure was as easy to do, as for the abs.

Well, I just tried it, and the results were even faster and better than Emsculpt on my abs. After four 30 minute treatments, within a two week period, I lost at least an inch off each side of my waist. Plus, there have been no side effects at all — bruising, soreness or the need to skip a workout or a day from work.

I was a typical patient, according to Dr. Bruce Katz, an NYC dermatologist and director of the Juva Skin and Laser Center, which is at the forefront of doing the procedure. “Usually women do Emsculpt on the abdomen — they see that, as the issue first — and once their stomach is flatter and tighter, then they notice the rolls on the side of their bodies.” Yup, that’s exactly what happened to me. Those rolls really stood out once I wasn’t focused on my abs.

How To Drop Ab Fat & Flab Without Dieting: I Tried Emsculpt

So here’s how it works: A paddle is strapped to each flank for 30 minutes, twice a week for two weeks and during that time, muscles are contracted 20,000 times. The contractions break down the fat while simultaneously building and tightening the muscles. I was very happily surprised to find that I saw results within a couple weeks of doing the treatments, which was much quicker than when I did the abs.

The reason for that, explains Dr. Katz is because the fat layers are thinner on the flanks. Fat is typically reduced by 20%, six months after the full procedure and there’s an increase of 18% in the muscle layer. Just so you’re prepared, there is some discomfort during the contractions, but it’s very bearable. This very new technology involves using the same energy employed by cat scans, explains Dr. Katz. “High intensity focused electromagnetic fields cause the muscle contractions. The contractions create a change in the water molecules in the muscle and they break down the fat, while building more muscle.”

Now, the cost of each treatment is $750 so it’s $3,000 for all four, making this is a significant investment. But so are diets, gym memberships and new loose clothes, when you add them all up — especially if you have tried every fad diet there is, like lots of us. The bottom line for me is that Emsculpt worked on my flanks and I’m now slipping into dresses and tops that I hadn’t been able to touch in years — whoopee!

Check out one example of a real woman’s flank fat reduction in the pics above.

For more info, contact the Juva Skin and Laser Center.



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