‘The Masked Singer’ Recap: [Spoiler] Revealed Underneath Funky Pineapple Costume

'The Masked Singer' is back for more epic face-offs! After six crazy performances, another celebrity was revealed underneath their insane disguise. Who was revealed as the pineapple? Find out now!

TV’s biggest musical sensation is back for another round of performances. For the second episode of The Masked Singer, there will once again be three rounds: rabbit vs. alien, raven vs. pineapple, and poodle vs. bee. The rabbit is up first. The rabbit says he’s spent most of his life on stage, but he was “never alone.” He adds that “synchronized singing is my thing,” which is a dead giveaway that this guy was in a boy band. He performs Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ la Vida Loca.” Robin Thicke thinks the rabbit is a seasoned performer and guesses NSYNC’s Joey Fatone. Jenny McCarthy believes the rabbit could be someone from Boyz II Men. Nicole Scherzinger goes out on a limb and says Criss Angel, while Ken Jeong guesses celebs like Lance Bass and Justin Timberlake. When asked whether or not he’s been in a band, the rabbit confirms that he has!

The alien is up next. She comes from a famous family and has grown up in the spotlight. She’s ready for everyone to “hear my voice on my terms.” She performs a great rendition of Portugal. The Man’s “Feel It Still.” Robin says he’s getting a Bella Hadid vibe, while Jenny thinks the alien could be one of the ladies of the Spice Girls. On the other hand, Nicole doesn’t think the alien is a professional singer. The alien reveals that she has “many sisters,” so Nicole guesses that she’s one of the Kardashians. Ken thinks the alien could be Kourtney Kardashian! The result: the rabbit will be going forward!

The raven vs. pineapple face-off is next. The raven goes first. She says she’s been listening to “other people’s stories my whole life.” She’s also suffered a “tragic loss” and wants to “honor my beloved.” She sings a decent rendition Kesha’s “Rainbow” and later reveals that she’s hosted a talk show. Jenny believes the raven is Sherri Shepherd, while Ken guesses it could be someone like Star Jones.

The pineapple steps up to the stage next. He’s gone through his fair share of dark times and beat a “life-threatening disease.” During his introduction, Michigan plates are shown, which could be a clue! He performs Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.” The names thrown out there are Matthew McConaughey, Adam Sandler, and Barack Obama! The result: the raven is going through to the next round!

The final face-off is the poodle vs. the bee. The poodle says that she’s “highly intelligent” and loves to be “on stage and take on a character.” She comes from a musical family and is from San Francisco. She’s all about exercising her right to free speech and is part of the LGBTQ community! She hits the stage to sing Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker.” The names Ali Wong, RuPaul, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (LOL, Ken), and Richard Simmons are tossed out as guesses. The bee is the final performance of the night. She’s a “hard worker” and ready to sing to a “new generation.” The bee belts out Sia’s “Chandelier,” and Robin commends the bee on her “beautiful bravado.” Nicole is certain that the bee is a professional singer and gushes over her “grace and beauty.” Jenny guesses Mary J. Blige and Lil Kim, while Robin goes for Diana Ross. When the bee reveals she started singing in the 1950s, Nicole guesses Dionne Warwick! The result: the bee is buzzing on!

The pineapple is the celebrity going home this week. The judges have to reveal their final guesses. Robin goes with Sugar Ray Leonard, while Jenny thinks the pineapple could be Cheech Marin. Ken believes the pineapple is Jimmy Buffett, and Nicole goes with Kid Rock. The pineapple is — comedian Tommy Chong!

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